Reinventing Your Creative Leadership Skills

If you are a business owner or a leader, the chances are that you have extensive leadership experience. Perhaps you have led departments, organizations, and companies for years or even decades. However, it’s possible that at some point, the influence tactics and leadership skills that got you to this point in your life seem to decline. This is a telltale sign that it’s time to begin cultivating creative leadership skills.a photo of a running track with the words do more, speak less on the track

The Importance of Creativity in Leadership

There is no way to find the single “secret recipe” to inspire your team in a dynamic world and business environment. Your business, your market, and your team are changing all the time. To remain an effective leader, you must constantly reinvent your leadership skills using creativity.

No, this doesn’t mean you need a ping pong table in the office or be a permissive, laid-back boss. It means inspiring your team to produce their best, most innovative work by experimenting with your approach creatively

Not sure where to start cultivating your creative leadership skills? One of the best ways to get started is to determine your creative leadership style.

What Is a Creative Leadership Style

Before we discuss a few creative leadership skills for you to try, it helps to narrow down the ideas to those that fit your creative leadership style. Even if you’ve never considered creativity in leadership, every leader already has a creative leadership style. 

No doubt you have used creative methods throughout your career to motivate others as a leader. How would you describe your style? How would others describe it? 

Competitive? Spontaneous? Generous? Goal-oriented? Spiritual? Inspiring? 

As you read some of the ideas below, consider your creative leadership style and determine which skills fit best for you. 

Creative Leadership Skills in Action

Below is a list of ways you can infuse creativity into your leadership style daily:

  1. Build enthusiasm inside and outside your organization. In the midst of the flow of work, don’t forget to drive enthusiasm within your team for the exciting things you all are accomplishing. This works outside of your organization too: while demand generation is all the rage, focus your enthusiasm-building on FUN to achieve the best results.
  2. Help your team to re-sequence priorities when you see the team stall. It’s easy to determine priorities at the beginning of a project and to be resistant to changing them midway through, even if your team seems stuck. Don’t be afraid to re-organize the project to optimize performance.
  3. Initial visualization of the end goal. How do you and your team sync on the desired end result of a project? One creative approach is to visualize the end goal together before even embarking on the project. Ask your team to share how they envision the end result.
  4. Determine the best frequency of monitoring ongoing progress. Procedures provide the structure that helps your team do their best work, but that doesn’t mean that these procedures never change. Monitor longstanding policies such as the frequency of monitoring ongoing progress to determine what works best. 

There are countless ways to reinvent your leadership style to remain effective and drive the best results for you and your organization. Join me for a free consult to help work on your creative leadership skills by clicking here.  

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