The Eisenhower Matrix

A clear path to improved decision making, better time management and increased productivity.

Coach Dave’s 21 Step Marketing Plan Outline

Follow these proven steps and create a custom marketing plan for your business.

Lead Generation Ideas: A List of 150 Time-Tested Solutions

I have put together an extensive list of 150 lead generation ideas that have proven to be successful with my many coaching clients over the years.  Download my list and let’s work on driving new leads to your business.

The Real Cost of Discounting Your Price Vs. Raising Your Price Chart 

The cost of discounting your price to stimulate weak sales is high and most entrepreneurs underestimate the plunge in profitability.  Download my chart and shine the light on the wreckage caused by discounting and why you should raise your prices instead.

The 10 Critical Responsibilities of a Business Owner

After years of coaching business owners and learning from their strengths and opportunities, I wrote this short eBook that outlines the critical responsibilities of a business owner. My intent is to get you to look introspectively at where you are today and to decide what you need to work on to drive massive results in your business and in your personal life.

Sample Leadership Assessment

Data trumps hunches and prevents bias from corrupting important decisions. By taking advantage of pre-employment assessments, you not only give yourself a chance to save and grow more of your hard-earned money, but you also help provide a healthy and positive company culture. Click above to download a sample assessment.

Retail Site Selection Scoring Worksheet

Choosing an excellent physical location for your retail business is crucial to its success. Allow Coach Dave to help you in that process by completing a comprehensive assessment of the potential location for your retail business.

Behavioral Interview Questions

Have you struggled with verifying the necessary values and beliefs of job applicants? You may be asking the wrong type of interview questions. Download Coach Dave’s proprietary list of behavioral interview questions for free!

Time Impact Matrix

Time management is an essential component of successful leadership. Still, many business owners and executives spend too much time and effort on administrative tasks that can, and should, be delegated. Allow Coach Dave and his Time Impact Matrix Tool help you prioritize your workday and start maximizing your potential.

Ways to Motivate Your Team

As a leader, you need to have a substantial cache of strategies to motivate employees if you want your company to thrive. I’ve helped many business owners and executives find creative ways to inspire their teams and be better leaders. Get started by downloading “42 Ways To Lead, Inspire, and Motivate Your Team”.

Cash Flow Forecast

Need to forecast cash flow for your small business? Use my simple Excel spreadsheet and make it easy on yourself.

Annual Employee Performance Review Form

Don’t settle for some other company’s version of a performance evaluation form. You should conduct a thorough and accurate performance evaluation with your valued employees every year. There are a few decent performance evaluation forms available online however, I want you to have my customizable version of an annual performance evaluation. I believe it is a substantial cornerstone document that will work well in your business.