The Secret to Getting Better Results

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Please excuse me, but I am going to be Mr. Obvious to many of you,  yet I keep meeting very accomplished people that are stunned and baffled with this concept . . .

So here is the really big secret: If you manage or lead a team of people on this beautiful planet, one of the primary ways to ensure that you will improve your group’s results, is to develop a list of key metrics and then track & report the results weekly or monthly.

Many years ago, this concept was hammered into my developing cranium by the incredibly focused senior management team of a company that I worked for.  This group of leaders fostered this philosophy and held every group accountable for showing improvement.

Guess what?  Measurement and accountability really works, yet it astounds me how un-natural this is to many people.

So here are 7 tips for you and your team:

  1. Work up a list of internal metrics that will help you run your business better.
  2. Keep the list shorter than you want
  3. Enlist your team in gathering the information
  4. Report the results weekly and look for trends
  5. Openly discuss and display the numbers
  6. When there is an aberration; find out why
  7. Turn the why into a tactical adjustment to get it back inline

It sounds simple, but it plays tougher.  If you really want to change your team’s performance, start here.  Listen carefully grasshopper, this works!

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