sales skills assessmentThe sales skills assessment identifies strengths and opportunities in existing salespeople as well as candidates for sales positions. The position of a sales representative requires a specific type of skill set; measuring that skill set is the overall goal of this assessment.

The questions asked during the sales skills assessment are designed to provide insight into what your on-the-job actions might be like. You can consider it a type of personality test for sales professionals; it will help you learn what motivates you, and what types of values and personal interests shape your on-the-job actions.

How a Sales Skills Assessment Works

Coach Dave uses a sales mastery tool that identifies strengths and opportunities in existing sales people, aspiring salespeople, and even seasoned sales professional. It’s a great tool to identify skills that need to be honed in order to become a more effective salesperson.

The first component of the assessment generally resembles a personality test. The difference is that the focus is on learning about a person’s specific knowledge of job skills and their professional values and interests.

There’s a multiple choice portion of the assessment which contains questions concerning the working environment of a sales professional. There is also cognitive assessment where basic skills needed to be a sales professional are measured, such as: literacy, math, problem solving, critical thinking, etc.

Another component of the assessment is a sales assessment simulates a real life sales scenario. The test is designed to assess how you would respond and what decisions you would make under certain sets of circumstances. This component provides insight into one’s situational judgment.

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