If it is important, have the courage to fight through the rejection, the objections, and the opposition. Express your opinion passionately until a decision is reached by the group. Leave your pride at the door and back the decision of the group 100%.



You and I can, and will, identify your objectives and create a clear and realistic plan. This plan needs to be actioned today, not tomorrow. If it is important to the future, let’s start now.



I believe that attitude is more important than aptitude. If you have a consistent positive attitude and you are motivated amazing things can happen. Successful positive leaders are magnetic, attracting other positive people.



If you choose not to create a culture it will evolve haphazardly without you. Leaders need to determine a culture purposefully to ensure that it is participative, supportive, and inspirational.



Integrity is vital and we should go to extraordinary lengths to preserve it. I make mistakes and so will you, so let’s be honest and admit it when we do. Aggressive leaders often fall in the mud. Clean yourself up and re-engage, knowing the experience has made you even stronger and more determined.



I believe that drive and passion win the hearts and minds of our colleagues and customers. Line up behind passionate people. We are going places and we welcome like-minded teammates.



It is always about your team and your clients, not you and I. If we lose sight of that we need to recalibrate our purpose compass and find True North again.



Value others. Most colleagues have good intentions and want to do the right thing. It is our job to treat them with respect and find a way to positively influence them, allowing them to perform at their best. The most important people on our teams are the ones that challenge us. Be courageous and work with people that think differently as they bring to the team what you and others like you do not.



Express yourself thoughtfully and consistently. Thoughtful people earn our respect and consistent behavior earns our trust. It is who we are and how we act, especially during times of trouble, that dictates how we will be judged by many. Always be at your best despite the circumstances.