Bona Fide Tactics for Finding and Hiring the Right Employee

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Many credible folks have written and debated the concept of the Law of Attraction. Some say it is psycho-babble; others profess the power of the idea. I want to throw my hat in with the believers officially.

bona fide tactics for finding and hiring the right employee

A perfect example is when we shop for a specific model of a new car or have recently purchased one. Suddenly, we notice that particular car everywhere we go. When tuned in to something, we quickly recognize it in the world. So what does that mean when attracting and hiring the right employees? 

You Attract What You Project

Many executives have lamented the difficulty of hiring the right employees. Finding quality employees seems like finding a needle in a haystack, but it doesn’t have to be. Unfortunately, the truth is that many well-meaning business leaders go about the hiring process all wrong. 

Candidates pick up more than you might think during the hiring process. If you’re projecting a scattered, disorganized image, you’ll attract candidates of a similar variety. Likewise, if you’re impossibly rigid and inflexible, you’ll hire employees with those values. Engaging the right employees requires you to be on the same page as your ideal applicant. 

If the image you project differs from your company culture or the job requirements, this will lead to a mismatch. The solution to finding the right employee is to be transparent and genuine in your hiring process—and to ensure you embody your company culture and values. 

Overhaul Your Hiring Process

Hiring good employees is an experiment in mutual sales. You’re trying to sell top talent on your company just as much as they’re selling you on their work. Finding the right employee is almost impossible if your hiring process is out of sync. 

The first step is to re-evaluate the job listing. Are you clear about the specific duties and requirements of the job? Being vague will only result in wasted time for you and potential applicants. Finding the right employee begins with the proper job posting. Be intentional about what you want to attract. 

Next, look at your hiring process. Do applicants get an accurate look at your company culture at the interview? Does your interview team know the details of the positions they’re filling? Do they act and dress like the other employees at the company? These people are responsible for finding the right employee for the job, so they must represent your company well.

The final step in finding the right employee is thoroughly vetting your potential new hire. Unfortunately, too many hiring managers don’t call references or overlook red flags in the interview process. If you don’t do your due diligence, you could end up with a subpar employee, even if the candidate looks great on paper. 

Hiring the right employees isn’t just a shot in the dark. The rest will be a breeze if you make a cohesive effort to attract suitable applicants from the beginning. 

If you’re involved in the hiring process, you want to be sure you find the right employee for the job. Check out my workplace behavioral assessments to evaluate yourself and your potential new hires to see if they match your company’s culture. 

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