Dirty Little Secrets About How to Get Promoted at Work

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Over the years, I have watched many talented mid-level executives work on their skills and expertise, intending to get noticed and promoted. However, most hard-working people are immersed in their daily duties and rarely see where they are going.

They then wonder how to get promoted at work. Dirty little secrets about how to get promoted at work

The employees who stand out know why the business exists, what the company is attempting to be, what the competition and marketplace are doing, and their role in achieving the business plan. The people that get promoted are the candidates that can see over the horizon and keep a balanced perspective between their work and the work of the business.

11 Ways to Get Promoted

To get promoted at work, you need to think beyond the day-to-day. Here are some tips and challenges to help you be more strategic:

  1. Be a student of your industry, not just your firm. To learn how to get promoted at work, you absolutely must care about the big picture. Staying in your company’s bubble will only make you stagnant. 
  2. Read your industry trade journals to discuss the competition and broader trends. Then, compare what you see to what your company is doing, and don’t be afraid to bring new ideas to the table. 
  3. Follow your competitors carefully and never dismiss what they are doing. Statistics tell us that they will be correct, at least sometimes. Learn from them and keep an open mind. Your company processes might not be the most efficient ones on the market. 
  4. Read business publications, specifically the Wall Street Journal and business magazines. They can teach you a lot about how to get promoted at work and increase your leadership skills. 
  5. Hone your understanding of your firm’s financial statements and how they compare to the rest of your industry.
  6. Seek out industry leaders and ask them questions. If you want to be genuinely great, learn from others who are truly exceptional. The best way to learn how to get promoted at work is to emulate people living the career path you desire. 
  7. Ask your company leaders why their goals and strategies are essential to the future. Again, it’s important to signal that you’re thinking long-term. 
  8. Work on developing your experience gaps with outside workshops and seminars. Your organization might even pay for these opportunities if you ask. 
  9. Find a mentor within your firm that is a senior-level strategic thinker and listen to their advice. If you can’t find a mentor, hire a business coach to keep you on track. 
  10. Craft your personal goals so that they link with corporate strategies. How do you prove you deserve a promotion? You point to specific goals you’ve completed that align with the company’s vision.
  11. Enlist your boss to help you work on your career path at your company. Asking for a promotion should never blindside your boss: instead, you should be working together on a plan for your eventual trajectory at your company. 

Just as a ship captain must anticipate the weather beyond the horizon, you, as a leader, must see the bigger picture instead of staring at the work in front of you today. If you need help, I’ve got your back. Subscribe to my blog to have my free leadership articles delivered to your inbox. 

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