4 Benefits of Sales Scripts in Your Business

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As a small business owner, you may have strong feelings about sales scripts – strong negative feelings. It’s true: the term “sales script” makes many entrepreneurs (and even employees) shudder with disgust.

Sales scripts have written themselves a bad rap sheet – the robotic, phony, and contrived responses of telemarketers and commercial customer service reps come to mind. However, sales scripts still play an essential role in the success of numerous businesses, both large and small. Though you may be tempted to turn up your nose at the thought of incorporating them into your business, now might be a great time to embrace the benefits that sales scripts can bring to your business sales process.A woman salesperson with a headset uses a sales script when selling.

Here are 4 arguments for incorporating sales scripts into your day-to-day sales process.

1. Sales scripts allow you to maintain consistency in your message.

Consistency is essential: it drives your business in a successful direction and keeps your clients returning to you instead of checking out your competitors.

By training your team to use a sales script, you ensure everyone follows the same protocols, makes the same promises (that you can honor), and sells the same message. In essence, you’re not only locking down what your workers say; you’re ensuring consistency within your brand.

It’s important to note that the term “sales script” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t allow your team to go a bit “off script” to make a sale. Sales scripts shouldn’t be used to replace your people’s strengths or personalities. Instead, they should be used to help lead the sales process and empower your employees to be prepared for various circumstances and questions.

2. Sales scripts inspire improved lead generation.

When your sales team is prepared and knows what they will say, they open the door for more robust engagement with potential clients. These positive encounters lead to second meetings, more professionalism, and higher conversion rates.

A common misconception about sales scripts is that they cause the salesperson to over-talk. However, the opposite is true: solid sales scripts make your team better at being good listeners. Suppose your team already has responses memorized and ready to share. In that case, they’ll be more intent on listening to exactly what questions or concerns a lead raises during their conversation, thus paving the way for a stronger relationship and successive sale.

3. Sales scripts overcome common objections early.

It can’t be said enough: preparing for everything is the key to closing the deal. When your salespeople are trained to know potential customers’ objections, they can have perfectly matched responses ready.

4. Sales scripts are easy to revise and update.

As your business expands and your internal policies or offerings change, your sales script should change, too. If you’ve already made a script, you won’t be working from scratch – update your current one.

Asking your team to re-learn the script shouldn’t be an issue. The general gist will ideally remain the same, and only portions of it will change, likely based on new information you’ve learned through experience, new products or services you offer, and so on.

No matter your previous views on sales scripts, it’s clear that they can be an invaluable tool for your sales force by your message and thoroughly preparing your team. Now, you must ask yourself: will you incorporate sales scripts into your sales process?  Another interesting idea that enhances sales scripts are interactive sales playbooks.  Click here and take a look at this idea.

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