4.5 Reasons to Hire a Crazy Employee

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Those who run companies constantly seek ways to increase revenue and profits and improve efficiency. The people we hire play a significant role in how we run our businesses and the results that we get. Unfortunately, we usually stick to the same old hiring routines and decisions as in the past.


A dreadlocked man sits at a desk and points upward to a large lightbulb depicting a fresh idea from a "crazy" person

If you’ve managed your business effectively by following all the traditional rules for finding quality employees and have “played it safe,” you’ve probably experienced moderate performance. But most of us want more than that. It’s time to look for ways to drive your company to the next level.

The best thing I’ve done to strengthen my client companies is to help them recruit exceptional talent. I encourage them to strive to find unique, exceptional, unorthodox candidates – or even a “crazy employee.” A person who is crazy about the industry and not mentally ill could be precisely what you need. Here are 4.5 (yes, 4 and a half!) ways a creative brain can help your company.

1. A crazy employee brings in new energy.

Hiring a crazy person is the best way to boost energy in a tired team. In my experience, the best solution for an environment that has become too comfortable or boring is to hire an individual with an unorthodox approach to problems.

Using different hiring techniques to help find people like this is important. I especially like using hands-on problem-solving scenarios in my interview process to discover the best potential team members.

2. A crazy employee breaks up the “usual” company patterns.

Having a crazy person join a workgroup helps break up the typical routine. If you can finish each other’s sentences or anticipate what your colleagues will say at a meeting, it may be time to add someone new. Injecting an “outside” voice to the conversation will help your team think beyond the “usual” solutions.

3. A crazy employee fosters creativity.

Next, a crazy person brings a boost of creativity. You want to find someone with original ideas for new products or services. Crazy people will provide innovative ideas and likely inspire your existing employees. The entire team can then begin to generate more creative thoughts together.

4. A crazy person helps you avoid employing an “army of clones.”

Getting new “blood” flowing into your company is essential to avoid having an “army of clones” working for you. For some reason, many business owners tend to seek out people who are like themselves. As appealing as that sounds, it may not be the best long-term plan for going beyond moderate success and thinking of new directions for your company.

I distinctly remember a movie called Garden of Stones. James Caan and James Earl Jones are salty, mature US Army Master Sergeants. In a bar scene, they utter a toast…” Here’s to us and those just like us.” I caution you not to let this thinking permeate your culture.

4.5. A crazy person will shake up the status quo.

Last, it would be best to consider hiring someone unique to shake up the status quo. Change is scary, I know. However, taking risks and having courage are essential. Today’s most successful companies (like Apple, Amazon, Ford, and others) know this. It can pay off for you if you make the right choices.

The people who work for you are your most valuable business resource. It’s vital to seek brilliant, creative ideas and innovation. The best way to do this is to find that unique, eclectic-thinking, crazy person who can inspire the rest of your team to do their best work.

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