Trade Secrets: How to Attract Top Talent

Ever noticed that some companies just seem to hire the best employees? If you’ve ever wondered how to attract top talent to your small business, you’re not alone. A driven, passionate, high-performance employee can be the element that puts your business over the edge.Trade Secrets: How to Attract Top Talent

But it’s not just enough to hire these talented employees: you have to get them to stay! Here’s how to attract top talent and make them want to stick around.

How to Attract Top Talent to Your Company

The best way to attract top talent employees is to become a top-tier employer. If you anticipate some of the main complaints that employees commonly have, you can eliminate them from your company.

Better yet, you’ll put yourself head and shoulders above the rest of the companies in your field and potential talent will take notice. Here are a few common sticking points that you can use to stand out from the crowd:

  • Treat all employees, customers, and suppliers with respect and empathy. Understand that they’re people first and never treat them like they’re just a number. Memorize everyone’s names and check in with each teammate personally so that they feel seen and heard.  
  • Create a system of amazing, heartfelt communication in your company. Let everyone know that your door is always open and encourage two-way feedback between managers and employees.
  • Offer competitive compensation that rewards performance against goals. Pay alone won’t attract the right people, but it’ll go a long way towards making them stay.
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of job security. Demonstrate that your company is solid and reassure employees that no one will suddenly find themselves out of a job without warning.
  • You absolutely must treat everyone equally. Favoritism breeds resentment, which spreads like wildfire and drives employees away.
  • Invest in your benefits. According to Forbes, top talent increasingly expects top benefits.
  • Show that you have respect for a healthy work/life balance among your employees. Consider offering generous vacation days or flex hours to accommodate your employees’ schedules. Encourage them to use their sick or vacation time when needed.
  • Promote only enlightened, competent supervisors and managers. No talented employee worth their salt would stomach working for an amateur for long. Be sure you have solid reasons for promoting the people you do.
  • Offer potential for advancement based on performance. No one wants to work a dead-end job. If you show there’s room to grow, you’ll attract ambitious employees who want to stay a while.
  • Establish a clear company culture from the very beginning. Have a thorough orientation program that successfully integrates new employees and gets them excited to start working.

The secret of how to attract top talent lies in becoming a top company. If you have something great to offer, you’ll attract passionate people who want to get on board.

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