Tips on How to Develop a Growth Mindset and Business Growth Strategies

Business growth strategies are everywhere — from books to seminars and lectures to magazines and TV shows.  However, the approach differs. 

Combining the best ideas from Grant Cardone’s book “10x” and Dr. Benjamin Hardy and Dan Sullivan’s book “10x is Easier Than 2X,” we’re left with the overwhelming result — company growth cannot happen without the proper mindset, purposeful actions, and accountability to the results.

You can read on for tips to encourage you to become an enthusiastic leader with a growth mindset.

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How to Develop Business Growth Strategies

Developing a growth mindset requires a focused business strategy.

In “10x is Easier than 2x,” the authors “encourage entrepreneurial leaders to aim for breakthrough goals.” It goes through these elemental concepts:

  • Why 10x goals require you to retain 20% and let go of 80% of your current activity
  • Why 10x goals require you to develop a growth mindset from the start
  • Why it’s essential to measure progress and not measure yourself against your 10X goals
  • The paradox of why and how more time away from your business will accelerate your progress
  • Why you need to build a self-managing, self-replicating team.

A growth mentality is abundantly apparent in this book.  A 10x mindset will make you work outside your comfort zone and beyond your usual methods.  If you settle for 2x growth, you limit yourself and your mindset.  Exceed your potential by expanding your growth mindset.

You can behave in one of four ways when faced with opposition.  You can do nothing, retreat, or take regular or massive action.  Hint: the last of these is the key to your ultimate success.

Based on the experiences of a top sales trainer and business owner, they explain how anybody can apply a straightforward rule to set themselves up for lasting successes and ambitious achievements that once seemed out of reach.

6 Tips to Consider for Explosive Growth

Designing and implementing a system and mentality that fosters growth in your business takes time and effort.

In 10X by Grant Cardone, he writes about how anybody can apply one straightforward rule for ongoing success that was once out of reach.  How?  By working 10x as hard as competitors or 10x as hard as you initially thought.  Making 100 calls per day where others make 10 will ensure you’re successful and achieving explosive growth.

Some key takeaways from Cardone:

  1. Success is for everyone, including yourself
  2. Success has no restrictions
  3. Success does not have to come at the expense of others
  4. Success doesn’t happen to you; it happens because of you
  5. Successful people don’t follow in the footsteps of those who have failed
  6. Successful brands like Google and Apple always put customer acquisition before customer satisfaction.  (However, I would argue that this is backward).

Business growth strategies are not a path of following those that have failed but instead learning from your mistakes as you grow and move forward meaningfully.

Developing a growth mindset is inherent in the path to success.  You’re correct if you believe you can or cannot be successful.  So know that success is on your path when you work 10x harder than others or than you thought you could. 

The power of mindset is a consistent theme in most business and self-improvement books.  However, applications may vary.  In these two books, you understand that 10x reaches for the absurd and 2x merely attains the average.  Driving a growth mindset using growth strategies usually requires outside help from an expert.  That’s me!  Click here for a complimentary session to improve your mindset and business growth.

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