How to Use a RASI Roles and Responsibilities Matrix in Your Next Project

By January 4, 2024 Business Execution

Taking ownership of your team, business, and day-to-day tasks is crucial when you own a business or lead a team. Leaders must lead by example. However, you’ll see where tasks can be divided and shared using the roles and responsibilities matrix. Just because the leader can do it all does not mean it’s an efficient use of their time. 

The RASI, or RACI matrix, clearly defines the responsibility matrix in project management, including significant milestones and timelines for critical tasks and other major areas. I’d like you to please learn how this matrix can help you lead your team in its next project.

A cartoon shows two older businessmen lamenting the good old days before accountability and illustrates why a roles and responsibility matrix brings benefits.

What is RASI?

First things first, what is the roles and responsibilities matrix? The acronym stands for Responsibility, Authority, Support, Inform.

RASI is broken out as follows:

R: This person is directly “responsible” for accomplishing the task

A: Has “approval” or authority over a task

S: Is “supporting” (or “consulted”) the task (generally through activities that allow the overall goal to be accomplished)

I: Stay “informed” about the task

Used by technical project managers, RASI charts can also help small business owners and leaders.

Here is an example of a project where an SMB might use RASI:

Marketing Tasks Project Owner Project Manager Content Creator Web Developer
Blogs S I R A
Sharing Content A S I R
Social Content A R S I
Scheduling Content S I A R


The responsibility matrix in project management clearly defines roles and tasks so there are no double efforts or missed tasks and deadlines. You cannot give 100% effort to every task but can lead specific tasks and support others. It may not be accounted for and tracked through the matrix if it is not an assigned task.

As a reminder, roles and responsibilities change with each project or task, and even team-by-team, so adapt when necessary.

Tips and Traps of RASI

As with any matrix, the RASI matrix has tips and traps.

  1. When assigning tasks within the roles and responsibilities matrix, don’t forget that not everyone will have the same designation each time. 
  2. If you’re assigned a task that doesn’t make sense, alert the project lead about the mismatch.
  3. Everyone should agree on the tasks and assignments.

Although the responsibility matrix is helpful in project management, it’s not the only way to create and track accountability across projects. The strategies need to match the abilities of your team. You cannot expect a financial team to manage a marketing budget or ask your human resource coordinator to create content. The tasks must be aligned with abilities and available resources.

Ultimately, this concerns personal productivity, accountability, measurement, and authority. If your business needs better accountability and results on your projects, click here for a complimentary coaching session with Coach Dave.

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