Successful Selling for Introverts

Very few business owners, executives, and hiring managers believe that their introverted staff members can excel in a sales role. However, an introvert can become a killer salesperson if encouraged to use their own natural strengths.

Here’s what you need to know about successful selling for an introvert:

The graphic reads: yes, I'm an introvert. No, I don't hate people. The copy illustrates emphasizes the idea of successful selling for introverts.

What Is an Introvert?

Diversity is important for any team, which means it’s a good idea to hire various personality types. It’s important not to write off introverted candidates based on unconscious bias. If you can work to overcome a few limiting qualities, you can master successful selling for introverts.

To understand what an introvert is and how they see the world, we need to look at their behavioral style. By definition, an introvert is simply a person who enjoys spending time alone and often prefers that to the company of others.

The introverted behavioral style is best described as:

  • Contemplative
  • Conflict-avoidant
  • Enjoys well-defined standards and processes 
  • Likes being alone
  • Driven by correctness, accuracy, and logic
  • Comfortable with order and planning
  • Strong organizer
  • Tendency to over-analyze
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Self-aware
  • Can be a worrier
  • Measures worth by precision, accuracy, and quality of results

While good salespeople are usually gregarious and good with people, which are traits commonly associated with an extroverted personality type, you can see how many qualities of an introvert could be great for a salesperson to have. 

Sales Tips for Introverts

Successful selling for introverts is about harnessing your super-power strengths. Sales for introverts can be challenging, as people skills often don’t come easily. However, many of an introvert’s traits can be incredibly helpful in the realm of sales.

For example, introverts tend to be more organized than their extroverted pals, with greater attention to detail and a desire to do things right the first time. This is incredibly important in sales, where you need to stay on top of your leads and remember times and dates for meetings and follow-ups. 

Introverts might be quiet and thoughtful, but this also makes them sensitive to what others think and feel. An introvert might get a more accurate read on a potential client due to their own self-awareness and can therefore do a better job of allaying their concerns and putting them at ease. 

While networking for introverts can push the boundaries of their comfort zone, it can be done. The key is to be intentional about how you spend your energy. Blindly attending every networking event in town will drain your energy. Still, if you focus on one promising event instead, you can use that time to make meaningful connections without burning out.

If you are thinking about hiring an introverted salesperson, the most important thing to consider is their motivation level. Successful selling for introverts depends on whether they are goal-oriented, driven, and have a strong need to be influential. Introverts that are highly motivated in this way can and will be very successful.

Introverts can be very prolific salespeople. Understanding behavioral styles and how they fit into vocations is a personal interest, and I would love to teach you more about it. Please fill out my contact form, and let’s talk about successful selling for introverts as it pertains to you and your team.


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