Prize Winning Tips to Manage Your Time at Work

Business owners tend to struggle with work-life balance. If this sounds like you, the quickest way to remedy that is to better manage your time at work. When you spend your day on tasks that aren’t part of your job description, you lose time that would be better spent on the big-picture projects that must succeed.Prize winning tips to manage your time at work

Learning to better manage your time at work will allow you to get the important tasks done during the day so you start fresh tomorrow.

Unfortunately, too many leaders don’t realize that poor time management is the source of their problems until it’s gone on for too long.

Why Poor Time Management Is an Issue

Business owners have a serious serving on their plate. It’s not unusual for many business owners to work all day without actually crossing a single task off their to-do list. This is because they get bogged down doing other, smaller tasks that either isn’t vital or could easily be delegated.

As a leader, you need to manage your time at work in order to do the job your company needs you to do. If you spend all your time on the $15-per-hour menial tasks that are important but can be done by someone else, the $200-per-hour tasks that only you can do fall to the wayside.

Time Management Tips for Work

If you’re confused about how to manage your time at work, the attached time impact matrix can help. After using this matrix tool with my clients for years, I’ve found a clear pattern: business owners spend too much time on administrative tasks that can, and should, be delegated.

The matrix breaks down your daily tasks into four quadrants:

  • Tasks you love but you don’t add value
  • Tasks you love and you add value
  • Tasks you hate but you don’t add value
  • Tasks you hate and you don’t add value.

When filling out the matrix, try to write at least 10 tasks in each box. Think this through carefully. The idea is to spend most of your workday on the tasks in the upper-right quadrant and to avoid or delegate those in the lower left quadrant.

You might notice that it’s easier for you to write down the tasks you hate, and the ones that don’t add value. Learning to manage your time at work requires you to spend your time consciously on the tasks you enjoy that add value to your company. However, nothing will change unless you look at your completed chart and take action.

Do the tasks that only you can do and delegate the rest. That’s the most effective way to manage your time at work.

Learning effective time management strategies is part of being a strong leader. When you become frustrated with this process, you need to seek the help of a professional business coach. Download the attachment, then fill out my contact form for a complimentary coaching session. I can help you construct an implementable strategy for how to manage your time at work.


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