Priceless Tips on Becoming a Manager for the First Time

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Becoming a manager for the first time is exciting, but a wise man once said, “with great power comes great responsibility.”

You’ll need to learn how to manage staff effectively to lead your team to success. Fortunately, good management skills can be developed with little practice and persistence.

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Management Tips for New Managers

When becoming a manager for the first time, especially if you’re coming to the role from a non-traditional line of progression, you need to make adjustments. The same tactics that work for your success can’t necessarily be applied to your team. In addition, many new managers find adjusting to their newly acquired authority difficult.

According to a Center for Creative Leadership study, the top 5 struggles that new managers face are as follows: adjustment to management and displaying authority, developing managerial effectiveness, leading team achievement, managing internal stakeholders, and motivating others.

If you’re becoming a manager for the first time, here are ways to preempt some issues and prepare for your new position.

  1. Improve your communication skills. Poor communication leads to frustration all around. Be clear about objectives and requirements, and don’t shy away from giving feedback. This applies to your team and your interactions with upper management. Make sure everyone always knows what to expect and where they stand.
  2. Don’t be afraid to delegate. New managers struggle to give up control. They can be perfectionists, and it’s hard to trust the team to do the job to their standards. Delegation is a crucial aspect of leadership. If you can’t trust your team to do the little things, you’ll never have time to do the big stuff.
  3. Motivate your team. While the office isn’t a pep rally, you must find ways to improve morale and keep your team moving upward. You can do this by recognizing good work, supporting employee growth, and trusting your employees to do their jobs without being micromanaged.
  4. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Many people struggle with disciplining employees when becoming a manager for the first time. Unfortunately, having tough conversations is an inevitable aspect of management. Practice delivering criticism in a constructive, calm, and respectful way.
  5. Model the behavior you want to see. Nothing kills morale faster than seeing higher-ups who seem immune to the rules. If you set high standards for your employees, you should expect to follow them yourself.

Taking on a management role can be thrilling, but it should also be humbling. Your team relies on you to lead them to success. By continuously improving your leadership skills, you can be sure you’re offering them the best version of yourself.

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