15 Traits of the Leader I Would Follow

By September 3, 2013 July 8th, 2021 Articles on Leadership, Identifying Talent

Much has been written about the successful traits of real leaders.  Here is my recipe for a leader that I would follow:

  1. Attitude: Real leaders stay positive and their attitude never varies in public.  Ever.
  2. Purpose: I have an understandable plan and we are going there soon.
  3. Urgency: The plan needs to be actioned today, not tomorrow, not next week.
  4. Passion: I believe in this mission and if you are a winner, line up behind me.
  5. Creativity: People like to sense that, with me, they are plowing new fields.
  6. Loyalty: Protect your people but if loyalty ever wavers, it’s time to upgrade talent.
  7. Intellectual Curiosity: The best people on your team are the ones that challenge you.
  8. Courage: If it’s important, you need to fight through the rejection, the objections, noise, and the BS.
  9. Honesty: Go ahead and admit that you made a mistake, and if you read the facts incorrectly.
  10. Tact: Thinking before you speak is a learned art-form.  Practice and be respected.
  11. Style: It’s who you are how you act when the stuff hits the fan.  Remember that they are watching.
  12. Willingness to Make Mistakes: Aggressive leaders often fall in the mud.  Read about Abe Lincoln, Winston Churchill, and many others.  Mud washes off.
  13. Risk Tolerance: Mistakes are a full-contact sport.  Dust off your jeans and re-engage.
  14. Modesty: It’s about them, not you.  If not, your purpose compass is off.  Find true north.
  15. Celebrate Success: Party when it works and have the guts to debrief it honestly when it doesn’t.

Go ahead and get me started.  I could make a list of the top 100, and I can’t wait to tell you more.

Coach Dave

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