How to Pick the Perfect Retail Salesperson

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Arguably, there is an element of sales in every job. We’re all selling something at some point: our skills, products, ideas, or services.  However, when it comes to retail companies, having a strong sales force is truly the lifeline of the business.


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Recruiting effective retail salespeople is a vital part of remaining successful.

Below, I’ve listed four skills you should seek when choosing the perfect retail salesperson for your team.

1. High-performance retail salespeople can build meaningful relationships with customers and colleagues.

While not every salesperson considers themselves “outgoing,” all effective sales sales associates have a quality of communication that puts others at ease and makes them seem likable, a retail salesperson always comes off as pleasant and professional.

Additionally, stellar salespeople understand a big difference between “the hard sell” and relationship-based sales. These days, prospects respond less to the sales tactics of years past and are more likely to buy from individuals when they like and feel like they have a connection. The best salespeople know that while follow-up is necessary, hounding a prospect is a major no-no.

2. Active retail salespeople are high-energy and love healthy competition.

It’s a known fact that salespeople tend to be motivated by external rewards. Giving your sales team a reason to compete with each other in a fun and motivating way helps them achieve their goals and encourage one another.

Create straightforward in-house competitions. Encourage contest banter and find a way to help your team visualize who is in the lead and how they can move up within the competition ranking.

3. A great retail salesperson is an excellent listener.

Salespeople who are committed to their work and want to be the most successful are dedicated to customer delight. They actively listen to prospect objections and are prepared with appropriate and understanding responses to those objections.

The best salespeople talk less and listen more. This trait is invaluable and will lead to more closings than simply talking over a prospect or trying to argue points that don’t answer the client’s concerns. Good customer service skills set great retail salespeople apart from average ones.

4. The best retail salespeople can effectively multi-task and love to solve problems.

Retail sales require a lot of energy and know-how. A worker might be doing one job and then need to jump to a different task immediately. Your salesforce needs to be well trained in an array of responsibilities so they’re fully able to make the quick transitions that are often demanded of them.

These workers are also more likely to be eager to learn about changing product details and keep up with changes being made within the industry. Suppose your employees are interested in their work. In that case, they’ll be more efficient in discussing options with prospects, debunking myths, offering compelling reasons to buy, and feel more overall motivation to work hard.

Great retail salespeople are also excellent problem solvers. Look for folks with a creative streak – they can often find a logical but unique solution to various issues.

While it may seem like the “perfect retail salesperson” doesn’t exist, plenty of workers fit the bill. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box to find the right fit for your retail business.

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