Leaders, Read this Book: Think Again by Adam Grant

By September 30, 2021 Business Execution

As a small business owner, if you haven’t read the book Think Again by Adam Grant, you need to move it to the top of your reading list.

This book is all about learning how to pinpoint those issues with our thinking. From biases to blind spots, Adam Grant covers a realm of ideas to challenge your thinking.

Here are some of the most compelling takeaways.The book cover Think Again by Adam Grant is shown

Get Rid of Bias

Whether you realize it or not, you are most likely guilty of bias in some capacity. Bias can undoubtedly be a dirty four-letter word, but science reveals that we all have some unconscious bias in our thinking. Our biases can harm our ability to make decisions

In the book Think Again by Adam Grant, the author urges us to let go of bias by forgetting what we think we know and learning how to break down processes and decisions without prejudice tainting the viewpoint. It’s all about rethinking and then rethinking some more.

Manage Conflict

Conflicts are a given in life. We will always have them. Whether disputes are within ourselves, between us and others, or among our team members, it is crucial to managing conflict effectively.

Conflict can push us and challenge us. Grant encourages the reader to relabel those conflicts that challenge a belief or an idea as a good thing for our team and us. If we adjust our perception of conflict as something that we judge as unfavorable that gets in the way of results, conflict can become an opportunity for growth.

Sometimes You’re Just Wrong

Nobody likes to admit when they are wrong. Many times, we find ourselves slow to recognize it for fear of appearing weak. However, in the book Think Again by Adam Grant, he digs deeper into this and points out that sometimes you’re just wrong — and that’s ok.

Learn to challenge your thinking by detaching the present from the past and separating your personal beliefs from your core identity. Look at the world and your business without these attachments hindering your perception. Doing so can drastically change your approach and drive the results that your rigidity could not. 

Being wrong is ok. When you change your approach to being wrong, you might learn something valuable instead.

Be Confident… But Not Too Confident

Confidence is essential, and so many of us struggle with it. We tend to fall short with either being overly confident or lacking confidence. The book Think Again by Adam Grant talks about assuming the right balance of confidence and humility. This balance allows us to have the strength we desire to feel and project while also remaining open to changing, growing, and improving.

This confidence that Grant discusses in the book is the fine line of projecting self-assurance while retaining the ability to recognize when there is a flaw somewhere in your thinking or your actions.

We all have blind spots, but your confidence should be such that you can come to terms with your flaws and then work hard to overcome them while remembering that this does not affect your self-worth and ability to lead.

Think Again by Adam Grant is a valuable resource for learning how to change your thinking for the better. Fill out my contact form to schedule a complimentary meeting with me to challenge your thinking.

Are you ready to make a change?

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