How to Prepare for a Sales Call

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Many entrepreneurs are incredibly savvy and talented, but too many lack the basic knowledge of preparing for a sales call. Although you may already have salespeople on your staff, every entrepreneur will likely need to make some sales call eventually, whether to pitch a new idea to an investor or negotiate a job offer with a potential hire.

Because of this, learning how to prepare for a sales call is essential for budding salespeople and anyone with solid leadership ambitions. Here’s what you need to know.

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The Importance of Sales Research

While the call itself is essential, learning how to prepare for a sales call is the key to success. Doing your research beforehand will give you the tools you need to make your pitch successful. 

According to author Mark Suster, there’s a term for someone who doesn’t consider their prospect’s needs when making a sales pitch: crocodile salespeople. Crocodiles have big mouths and tiny ears, so a crocodile salesperson talks a lot but doesn’t listen to their prospect’s wants. 

In sales, it is paramount that you listen to the needs of your prospects. Through proper research, you can get a pretty good idea of your prospect, their problems, and how your product or service can help. 

Sales Pre-Call Planning

There are two main aspects of learning how to prepare for a sales call: making sales calls in general and setting yourself up for success with a particular client. 

First of all, before you even think about your sales pitch, you need to do your research to appeal to your prospects. Be sure you thoroughly know your industry, your competitors, and why your product or service is the best choice to meet your prospects’ needs. 

Please look at past clients you’ve had and their purchasing behaviors. This will help you anticipate what to expect from future customers. Then, work on developing your sales pitch, and practice sales calls with another salesperson or trusted team member until you feel confident you can communicate clearly. 

When it’s time for the actual sales call, take some time beforehand to get yourself ready. It’s helpful to think in terms of the prospect specifically. What questions will you ask them? What deals or incentives are you prepared to offer? What objections or concerns do you think they’ll have, and how can you put them at ease?

Finally, eliminate distractions so you can focus entirely on the call itself. Set aside enough time, sit in a quiet area where you will not be disturbed, and call precisely when you say you will, not earlier or later. These things will help you make a good impression on your prospect before you even begin your pitch. 

Learning how to prepare for a sales call is an art form in and of itself, but a qualified business coach can help. So fill out my contact form, and we’ll set up a free call to discuss your sales approach. 

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