Communication is the Response you Get

By December 31, 2013 January 25th, 2017 Tips for Business Communication

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I love coaching business owners and executives. I love the variety and that I can really help my clients.  Every hourly appointment has some sort of new fresh twist and sometimes a bizarre problem that gives me pause. (What still amazes me is that even after all of the years working with leaders, new stuff happens.).

What never changes is this really simple idea that transcends the size of businesses and the type of business or industry.

Ready for a profound kernel of knowledge?  Here goes:

Your people don’t understand how their work contributes to the success of the business and therefore they don’t execute on what you expect.

I am telling you the truth and I am not simplifying the problem.  Sure, you might rationalize that the big division that you run is so complex that folks in non-managerial jobs just won’t get it. Conversely, if you run a small business, most folks think that it should be easier to synchronize staff with your business vision & plan.

The fact is that both small and large, strong and weak, have a huge opportunity to improve momentum, execution and profitability.

Try this:  ask a random sample of your team to tell you about the top three company initiatives and why this is important.  You are going to be startled at what you learn.

Even better, after you have been in front of your team to teach and inspire, ask a few of the attendees to tell you what they heard you say was important.  My guess is that you will want to call me to help you be more effective in communicating your expectations and get your team linked to your goals.

As the saying goes, “communication is the response that you get”.

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