Top 3 Myths to Debunk Before Choosing a CRM Solution

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Business owners are always ready to find the next excellent tech tool that can help them increase their efficiency and maximize profits. If your company relies on product or service sales, looking for solutions that help you manage your potential and existing customer base is essential.

One tool that combines the newest technology with the simplicity of an old-fashioned customer database is a CRM –

Or customer relationship manager. If you’re considering choosing a CRM solution, knowing all the facts is essential before proceeding.

Here are the top 3 myths about CRM solutions and how we can debunk them.

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Myth #1: Choosing a CRM solution is a magic solution for sales success.

The first point to realize about a CRM solution is that it will not instantly transform a struggling business into a successful one. Like most tech tools, it’s all about how you use your CRM software solution. With proper training and a solid plan before you commit, your company will get more out of your chosen system.

Your sales team must learn the basics about properly recording customer information and interactions into your CRM database and be consistently diligent. Customizing your CRM software to reflect the specific sales processes and interactions that have been successful at your company is essential. Look back at this example of how to build your organization’s sales process for some tips.  Find another one if the CRM you are looking at doesn’t allow revisions to their embedded sales process.

Myth #2: CRMs are all the same.

Hundreds of companies out there offer CRM solutions, and they are all different. As a result, you can pick and consider the ones with features that are important to your company’s objectives. If you’re unsure where to start, look at some industry reviews.

Before choosing a CRM solution, list the features your company needs most. Then, write down additional factors influencing your decision to select a software platform, such as cost, hardware capabilities, or other limitations. Look at the top software offerings available – you’ll likely find a near-perfect fit.

Myth #3: Once I pick a CRM, my sales team will take it from there.

The last myth about choosing a CRM solution could be the most expensive and disastrous assumption a business owner makes.

Some businesses have sourced CRM software to supervise an entire salespeople staff. While some CRM products are very impressive, this type of software can never replace effective monitoring by an individual. A CRM is not a “set it and forget it” tool—sloppy recordkeeping leads to diluted success.

If you want to keep your sales team moving toward success, partner the sales manager with a CRM solution – don’t simply leave everyone to do their own thing. Ensure your leader understands the system’s capabilities and monitor their sales progress weekly for accountability, then follow up. That way, they will have specific details and data about each salesperson’s contacts and activities. There will also be a good amount of oversight into how the department is doing overall.  Accountability is greatly enhanced if the sales leader closely monitors your CRM.

Get more from your business today by taking the steps to choose the right CRM solution for you. Doing that will help you use this invaluable business tool more effectively.

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