Be More Effective: Remember These Three Words

By November 28, 2019 Self Management Tips

There are a tremendous amount of self-help articles out there about the keys to personal success. I generally subscribe to the theory that you have to prove it to me before I believe it. Because of this, there’s one successful method that I rely on. It’s one that has helped my clients be more effective leaders time and time again. a photo of silver nails with a single red nail attempting to be more effective

Be, Do, Have

The idea is that if you want to have something different in your life, you need to be a different person and do different things. It sounds pretty straightforward, but of course, it’s rarely easy. Here are a few examples of how this strategy can help you be more effective in the workplace:

  • A CEO yearns for higher numbers. Instead of focusing on new initiatives, her best bet is to see why her current leadership style isn’t getting the results she wants. She must do things differently to be a better leader. In turn, she will have the support of her team that can help her reach her expectations. 
  • A sales manager struggles to motivate his salespeople to exceed their goals. For this leader to have the desired results, he will need to do or shake up the sales process and to be a change leader for his team. The entire team will be more effective as a result.
  • A naturally gifted athlete didn’t have to work that hard in high school, as success came quickly to him. Now in college, he is just an average player. He yearns to be a star again, so he must do different things like strength training, practice, and listening to his coaching. He must be a more focused and dedicated athlete in order to have success. 

Improving Your Effectiveness Skills

Most of us are trained to sort through the touchy-feely aspects of leadership to focus on particular methods we can use to boost our numbers. Many times this is the correct approach, but I encourage you to think introspectively about your effectiveness as a leader. Much of the time, a productivity problem is a leadership problem in disguise.

It can be hard to evaluate your leadership style on your own, as we are rarely unbiased observers of our behavior. I recommend enlisting the help of a third party to help you with this step. You can do this a few different ways: 

  • Find a mentor that is courageous enough to tell you the truth. 
  • Listen to an objective colleague who is not afraid to honestly evaluate you as a leader. 
  • Hire a business coach and take the assessments that will benchmark your skills. 

A new perspective can help you realize that the key to getting better results may be in your mindset and what you telegraph to your team. To be more effective as a leader, you need to change up your usual methods. Getting some objective and honest feedback on your leadership style can help you boost the productivity of your entire team. 

Learning to be more effective is easier said than done. Fill out my contact form for a complimentary discussion on how you can learn to be effective, to do or apply new techniques, and to have better results.


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