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“We are bombarded with billions of sensory bites of information each day.  To keep ourselves from going insane, we ignore 99.9% of them, only really seeing, hearing, or experiencing those upon which our mind focuses.  This is why, when you think something, it appears that you are miraculously drawing it into your life.  In reality, you’re just seeing what was already there.  You are truly attracting it into your life.  It wasn’t there before or accessible to you until your thoughts focused and directed your mind to see it.”
Excerpt from The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

Many, very credible folks, have written and debated the concept of the Law of Attraction.  Some say it is psycho-babble; others profess the power of the idea.  I want to officially line up with the believers.  Here’s what I mean:  For most males, a perfect example is when we are shopping for a specific model of a new car.  Miraculously, we start seeing that car everywhere.  The same is true for women who are pregnant, and suddenly everyone else is pregnant or pushing strollers.

Many executives have said to me over the years…..”I can’t find the perfect person for this key job”.  Once we spend the time to fully detail out in writing, the success attributes , why the job exists,  qualifications, and skills, it astounds them (and me too) how quickly we find the perfect candidate.

If this is true for finding a critical hire, wouldn’t the same process work in achieving your top goal for the year?  If we significantly tune up your awareness radar, why couldn’t you do the perceived impossible?

Psycho-babble…..No Way!  You just need a coach.

Dave Schoenbeck
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