Why and How to Show Clients Your Value

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How do you show clients your value? To extend a customer relationship’s lifetime value or longevity, we must continually remind our clients how we add value to their experience with us. Unfortunately, many leaders shy away from this idea because it feels too salesy to brag about their products or services. In reality, this should be a regular part of your customer communications.

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How to Demonstrate Value to Customers

First, you don’t need to constantly call your clients and brag about your company’s offer to demonstrate value. (That would rightly put most people off.) Instead, learning how to show value to customers is more about 
showing customers you care
 at every point in the marketing, purchasing, and follow-up processes.

Here are 5 strategies for mastering how to show value to customers. Of course, the methodology will vary from business to business. Still, these tactics can (and should) be implemented in your physical store via email newsletter, social media, phone, website, and more.

  1. Extraordinary Customer service: First, consistently provide fantastic customer service on every platform. If a client knows they can always reach out for help or product support and talk to a helpful person rather than a bot, that is a considerable value-add. Have better customer service than your competition.
  2. Improvements, add-ons, and updates: Keeping your offerings updated over time shows you understand your industry. When customers choose your brand, they can rest assured, knowing that the products or services will never become obsolete. Think about it: iPhone users don’t want to switch to Android. They know that Apple will consistently release new products and updates so that they can stay loyal to the brand.
  3. Featured reviews: According to True Influence, 75% of consumers say that positive reviews helped them trust a brand. Featuring your 5-star customer reviews can go a long way toward demonstrating the value of your products and services. Ask customers for reviews after they purchase and ensure they are visible everywhere.
  4. Social proof: Is your business getting positive press? Are people talking about you on social media? This sort of social proof can market your business with hardly any effort. Share customer-generated content about your company whenever possible, especially on social media. This will also help you build relationships with your customers.
  5. Market share and competitor comparisons: What percent of the market does your company control? How is your product or service better than your competitors? Reminding your customers of these factors on your website and in your marketing can help cement your value in their minds.

Learning to show customers value is crucial for your business’s long-term success. If you’re unsure or uncomfortable about playing up your value, a business coach can help you find the confidence you need. Click here for a complimentary coaching session to discuss showing value in your business.

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