What is the Difference Between Your Sales and Marketing Messages?

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What is the difference between sales and marketing?  Don’t rely too much on selling and very little on marketing, or vice versa. Marketing and selling each bring value and balance to the success of a business. Here’s what you need to know to have both selling and marketing working in tandem.

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How is Selling Different from Marketing?

What is the difference between sales and marketing? To put it simply, selling is marketing, but marketing is not selling

According to Carl Gould and Caryn Kopp in their book Biz Dev Done Right, “a marketing message is created to appeal to the masses, while a sales message must excite genuine interest during a one-on-one interaction.” 

The main difference between sales strategy and marketing strategy, then, is the audience. With your marketing, you’re trying to cast a wide net. You’re building trust, creating brand recognition, and sparking interest in your business. Sales are what closes the deal. You interact with someone aware of your business and appeal to them personally to make the sale.

Sales messaging must be custom-tailored to each prospect to achieve results. While marketing should also be tailored to specific audiences, you can still target large groups instead of individuals (and should, for the sake of efficiency). 

When you ask yourself, “what is the difference between sales and marketing?” there is more than just the audience to consider, however. 

Marketing requires a certain degree of planning that sales then must follow through on. When thinking about marketing, you’re considering what you want to sell, how to sell it, and who to sell it to. All of these things go into the creation of a marketing campaign. However, you don’t yet know who will bite. 

Sales take those plans and make them a reality. Once you have a lead, sales drive home all of the points originally raised in the marketing process while personalizing them to fit each specific customer. 

Sales also contain a relationship management aspect that’s not present in marketing. While marketing does rely on multiple touchpoints for maximum effectiveness, that contact is aimed at maintaining brand awareness. 

On the other hand, with sales contacts, it’s about maintaining a connection with your potential customers. Salespeople need to keep track of names, companies, and contact information to maintain their relationships with each lead. It’s a more personalized process with a more specific goal. 

So, what is the difference between sales and marketing? Both are strategies to increase revenue, but they take different paths to get there. A good business needs both to function, and you should take care not to devote too many resources to one over the other. It’s all about balance. 

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