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I frequently hear from business owners that they can’t get their marketing message across and stimulate action with their prospects. As part of my coaching program, I teach business owners a simple process and methodology about how to write a great advertisement, sales letter, and brochure, etc. The structural outline follows this sequence and acronym of AIDA. Attention grabbing headline, Interest building feature, Desire created by emphasizing your identity, and Action which is a powerful closing.


So, to be congruent with what I teach, I followed my own advice when I constructed an interesting and creative Craigslist listing for an old used car that my kids drove during college and was now clogging up my driveway. My target was college students that needed an affordable and safe vehicle that they could trust.


I strictly followed my outline and put the car up for sale at 4:15 pm. By 6:00 pm I had 18 inquiries and three appointments. I sold the car to the first guy that had a pocketful of cash, and I got more than I was asking.


I priced the car at middle of the competitive price range. I had lots of competition. The only thing that was unique is that I focused on a specific target and followed my outline. I believe that the secret sauce was the structure of the ad and the personality that I wove into the ad that strummed the needs of the prospect. I got a great price. The college kid got a great car.


So what can we learn? Positioning a buyer is not that difficult if you follow a time-tested process and you are willing to see the transaction through the eyes of the buyer. I can teach you how to stimulate your prospects to buy more if you are willing to change your mindset and your traditional messaging.


It’s not magic, it is process that you can learn and benefit from.


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