Today’s Big Q: Is Direct Mail Dead?

Is direct mail dead? With the prevalence of digital marketing techniques and the changing marketing landscape, it’s easy to think so. When was the last time you paid attention to the “junk” mail you received from other businesses? Is it time to retire direct mail from your business’s marketing strategy?Is Direct Mail Dead?

Not so fast. Although email, social media, and text messaging have certainly emerged as leaders in the 21st-century marketing game, there’s evidence to suggest that direct mail might still have a place among them.

Is Direct Mail Dead?

It’s true that email, social media ads, and text messaging cost much less than direct mail and tend to be the platforms of choice for many businesses, no matter the industry. Not many companies are found without a Facebook page or an email list these days. This has lead many companies to wonder: is direct mail dead?

Digital media has undoubtedly changed the marketing game, but that doesn’t always mean that the traditional methods are unnecessary. According to the Direct Marketing Association’s direct mail statistics, physical mail still outperforms email marketing campaigns by anywhere from 10% to 30%.

While the costs and seemingly outdated tactics of direct mail have led many companies to abandon this strategy in favor of a digital-only approach, direct mail can seriously boost your business—if you’re smart about it.

The Benefits of Direct Mail

In this digital age, potential customers are bombarded by hundreds of emails, text messages, and social media ads from companies every day. It’s become all too easy to block or unsubscribe from messages that feel too annoying or obtrusive.

Direct mail, on the other hand, is much more likely to be noticed: even if a customer does throw your flier out, they still need to look at it to do so. Emails can quickly get buried in a customer’s inbox, but they can’t completely ignore direct mail.

Also, direct mail can feel personal in a way that emails often don’t. People like receiving mail and, according to Forbes, a physical flier triggers an emotional response that leaves a longer-lasting impression on the consumer than a simple email or text. The key is to send out something your customers want.

Making Direct Mail Work for Your Business

The best way to make direct mail work for your business is to make it stand out. You need to be different than the bills, bank statements, magazine subscriptions, and countless other advertisements that your customer receives on a daily basis. Of course, this includes the aesthetics of your mailings, but the real challenge is to come up with valuable content.

Ask yourself: why should your customer care? If you’re not offering value with your direct mail campaign, chances are it’ll go straight in the trash. It’s okay to update your mailing list with your latest business news, but you should also be offering coupon codes, special offers, or freebies to make subscribing worth their while.

Remember that it usually takes multiple exposures before a customer makes a purchasing decision. Prepare to send out numerous mailings before you see meaningful results, and don’t be afraid to tweak your strategies if something you’re doing isn’t working.

Finally, be sure to include a call-to-action. The best marketing campaign will fail if your customer isn’t directed towards a next step. Direct them to your website or give them a number to call and set up a consultation, depending on your business.

So is direct mail dead? Not if you know what you’re doing. A diverse and well-rounded marketing strategy is the cornerstone of building a successful business. Click on my contact form and schedule a complimentary video call to discuss your marketing plan today.

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