The Single Most Effective Marketing Concept

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So many entrepreneurs I work with are stunned when I point out that they’re wasting a large portion of their marketing budget. The question that trips them up is this: “Specifically, who are you trying to sell to?” 

What happens next is a stuttering, one-size-fits-all description of all possible markets. This is so wrong, and let me show you why.


Three red darts in bullseye of a horizontal dartboard signifying the single most important marketing concept called targeting

The Most Important Marketing Techniques

The most effective marketing tactic is for the CEO to clearly define, in agonizing detail, precisely who the target audience is. This shouldn’t be a generic “we sell to everyone” but a clear, highly granular description of the suspects.

You might wonder why you wouldn’t want to cast a wide net to attract more customers. The fact is that every company has a marketing budget, and it’s best to use those dollars wisely. What’s the point of marketing to a large group of people when maybe only 5% will buy your product?

Suppose you get specific about your target audience. In that case, you have a higher chance of spending your marketing money on appealing to demographics more likely to purchase your product or service, leading to a higher ROI. The most effective marketing is highly specialized to bring in your desired customers.

How to Identify Your Target Market

Think about who needs your product. It’s not enough to say “men” or “teens.” You want to be able to visualize your ideal customer. Maybe she’s a married woman in her mid-thirties or a young man in college. Who specifically has a use for your product or service? Who has been your most significant client base in the past?

When planning your ideal customer, include traits like demographics, geography, buying attributes, what they’re like, what they look like, what they drive, how they think, what they wear, what their interests are, what magazines they read, what they like to buy online, etc. Always plan out more than necessary—the most effective marketing is highly detailed. Your goal is to create a persona for your target.

It can also help to identify who is not your target audience accurately. The most effective marketing leaves no stone unturned. For example, a company that makes diapers likely wouldn’t want to target middle-aged bachelors.

If you’re stumped, it can help to look at who your competition is targeting. What demographics make up most of their customer base, their social media followers? This can help you get specific about who to aim your services at.

If you want to get the most out of your marketing investment, start with a world-class exhausting analysis of who that target market is. The message and the call to action offer are insignificant to the work that you do here; this is the most effective marketing approach. And by the way, an efficient way to save your marketing dollars is to hire me to help you figure it out.

Identifying your target audience is the first step toward effective marketing. If you’re stumped, fill out my contact form to book a time with me to work on your marketing plan.


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