The Practical Guide: Mindfulness in the Workplace

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Mindfulness has become a bit of a buzzword in recent times, popping up everywhere, from the cover of health magazines to Netflix documentaries. Mindfulness is the ability to fully exist in the present moment without letting thoughts of the past or future steal our attention away from our surroundings.

While trendy, the concept of mindfulness is as old as time itself, and it can significantly improve your performance at work if implemented into your lifestyle. Here’s what you need to know about mindfulness at work.

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Impact of Mindfulness in the Workplace

Mindfulness isn’t just a New Age gimmick. Studies have shown that mindfulness in the workplace can improve focus, cause positive changes in behavior, and allow for easier stress management and increased employee harmony. 

As a business leader, mindfulness in the workplace might sound easier said than done. There’s rarely a moment when worries about the future or thoughts on past performance don’t loom over the workday, but being present can help you gain a better perspective on these thoughts when it’s time to pay attention to them. 

Incorporating Mindfulness at Work

It’s one thing to acknowledge the benefits of mindfulness, but another to integrate it into your life as a daily practice. So here are some ways to begin cultivating mindfulness in the workplace. 

  • Give each task your full attention. Multitasking is a tough habit to break, but your performance will improve if you only focus on one thing at a time. Be protective of your time and block off sections of your calendar to allow yourself to work on the things that require the most focus. 
  • Practice mindfulness exercises. Meditation is a great place to start. So is deep breathing. Take a moment to clear your mind and focus on your five senses. Set the alarm for every hour or two, then take a moment to practice a mindfulness exercise of your choice. 
  • Avoid checking your email throughout the day. We all constantly receive emails that need our attention, but often they can wait. Instead, designate a time each day to check your emails and close out your inbox. This will help you focus on the task rather than thinking about what other people want from you. 
  • Encourage a culture of mindfulness. Being mindful won’t just benefit you but your employees, as well. Offer resources on mindfulness and encourage your employees to take advantage of them. Gently discourage multitasking and promote the idea of taking regular mindfulness breaks. Then, model this new culture for your employees. 
  • Be consistent. You must work at it if you want to incorporate mindfulness in the workplace. It’s not easy to clear your mind or stay in the present moment, but practicing daily will increase your capacity for mindful behavior over time. 

Cultivating mindfulness in the workplace can help you lower your stress levels and be more present for yourself and your employees. If you’re struggling, a business coach can help. So please fill out my contact form, and let’s chat about developing a mindfulness practice as part of your daily routine. 

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