Supercharge Your Personal Leadership Style

One of the biggest challenges for a business leader is developing a leadership style that will positively impact your team. Most senior leaders have natural talents and are highly effective at both being themselves and driving metrics.Supercharge your personal leadership style

However, most “managers” really struggle to develop a personal leadership style that works for the team and the shareholders.

I believe, from years of experience, that mentoring style development for young and inexperienced managers can be highly effective in combating this. Most new managers learn from watching and from experimenting. Sometimes bizarre behaviors are reinforced by the early result. These misguided new “skills” can eventually crush their teammates. 

I like to help leaders find and express the style that works best for them and their people. A tremendous personal leadership style is a toolkit of techniques that balances a firm focus on results with the energy and passion needed to inspire a team.

What Is a Personal Leadership Style?

A personal leadership style can be summed up by this one question: how do you want to be remembered? What will your employees say about you after you leave the room? Leadership styles in management help your team see who you are as a person and a manager. 

There are many different types of leadership and management styles, and all of them can work in different situations. Autocratic leadership, for example, would be useful for a largely directionless team but could smother employees who value their independence. Democratic leadership is excellent for a team with good ideas but can lead to chaos if not controlled. 

The key, then, is to know your team and see what they respond to, then develop a leadership style that benefits them and you. 

Characteristics of Effective Leadership Styles

Different leadership styles can, and should, be seen in every company. No one style will work miracles for any business. However, you can hone your personal leadership style by considering these highly effective characteristics: 

  • Communication. Be sure that your expectations are always transparent.
  • Optimism. Never let your team see you’re discouraged. 
  • Accountability. Take responsibility for your mistakes and those of your team. Don’t throw your employees under the bus.
  • Vision. A manager has to believe in the company, its mission, and its future.
  • Even-tempered. Never lose your cool or blow up at your employees. There’s a power dynamic at play that you don’t want to violate. Discipline should be private and unemotional.
  • Honesty. The truth will come out eventually, and if your employees can’t trust you, they won’t do productive work for you. 
  • Curiosity. This applies to the work you do and the people who work for you. You should have a desire to learn about your team as people. You should also always be looking for new ways to learn and grow in your position.
  • Service. Have the attitude of a servant-leader and put your team first. Your goal should be to serve your employees, your organization, and your customers. Servant leadership requires humility. 
  • Respect. Perhaps the most crucial characteristic of all. A good leader must respect their team, even if you don’t always see eye-to-eye with a particular team member. Respect is a two-way street, and if you don’t respect your employees, they won’t respect you either.  

Developing your leadership style is an ongoing process that will always be evolving. Click here to fill out my contact form and sign up for a complimentary coaching call to discuss your leadership development growth.  If you are interested in learning more about my coaching program click here.


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