Step-by-Step Tactics to Nurture an Overly Cautious Manager

The third of the four leadership styles described in the DISC personality assessment is the S type or Steady. These employees are friendly and great team players but can easily fall into fear-based leadership if their strengths are not nurtured. Here’s what you need to know:

A professional businesswoman bites her nails and this depicts an overly cautious manager

Characteristics of a High-S Personality

High-S employees thrive in positions that allow them to support others, such as teachers, nurses, or administrative assistants. They can also be fantastic managers with a bit of coaching. Below is a table breaking down their primary traits, needs, emotions, and fears.

Descriptors ●      Understanding

●      Friendly

●      Good Listener

●      Patient

●      Relaxed

●      Sincere

●      Stable

●      Steady

●      Team Player

Needs Systems, teams, stability
Emotions Patience, non-expression
Fears Sudden change, loss of stability, or security

These employees are a real asset to any team. They are naturally collaborative and value harmony, often easing interpersonal tensions without much effort. Where they can get into trouble, however, is that they tend to lack confidence. Coaching high-S employees to achieve a confident leadership style is the best way to help them grow in their careers.

How to Encourage Self-Confidence in Leadership

High-S employees tend to be highly concerned with stability. They’re logical thinkers who operate in facts and need to know step-by-step sequences. As a result, they tend to avoid risk and conflict and are willing to accommodate others to keep the peace. They’re almost always ready to put others’ needs before their own.

To nurture an overly cautious manager, you can help them do the following:

  • Utilize shortcuts and discard unnecessary steps in their process
  • Track their growth
  • Avoid doing things the same way every time
  • Realize there is more than one approach to tasks
  • Become more open to some risks and changes
  • Feel sincerely appreciated
  • Speak up and voice their thoughts and feelings

You can help these employees become comfortable and encourage their confident leadership style by making them feel secure. Provide data and show your reasoning to explain how your ideas minimize risk. Give them clear outlines and instructions, and don’t make them think they need to guess what you’re looking for. The more stability you offer, the more they’ll succeed.

Steady employees enjoy teamwork and personal involvement. They shine when they’re recognized for their efforts. They’re often so easygoing that leaving them to their own devices is easy, but touching base to offer your appreciation will go a long way.

Give them personal assurance and praise them for their hard work. Please do your best to provide them with a relaxing, peaceful working atmosphere and allow them to collaborate with a cooperative team. If you nurture an overly cautious manager, you will see the benefits in their work and on their team ten times over.

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