Smart Strategies to Stimulate Creativity

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Mainstream media paints a picture of two types of people: the right-brained, with their free spirits and artistic tendencies, and the left-brained, with their logic and reason. From these descriptions, it might seem that analytical people cannot become creative thinkers.

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However, this stereotype is false. Every person contains a mix of creativity and logic, and the two aren’t mutually exclusive. If you’re not typically a creative person, you can still learn how to Stimulate creativity in your life. 

Why Stimulate Creativity? 

Learning how to stimulate creativity is crucial for business leaders and entrepreneurs. Not only will it help you think outside the box when it comes to your ideas, but you’ll also be able to relate more strongly to the creatives on your team. 

7 Ways to Improve creativity

There’s no wrong way to stimulate creativity in the workplace, but there are certainly some shortcuts you can take to make the process easier. Here are a few ideas to include in your daily routine. 

  1. Get inspired. When you see other companies doing things well, save patterns to a vision board for later motivation. It helps to see what the competition is doing to think up ways to do it better. 
  2. Brainstorm. Sometimes to stimulate creativity, you need to write out every idea that comes to mind, no matter how good or bad. Then, play the “what if?” game. Take an improbable notion to its possible conclusions. Shoot for the stars here. You might find that your most outlandish goals are more doable than you think. 
  3. Change your scenery. One of the best ways to stimulate creativity is to remove yourself from the environment you associate with feeling stuck or stagnant. Take a walk, work from a conference room, or even try working from home for a day to see what the new surroundings can do for you.
  4. Write morning pages. Many successful creatives use morning pages to get all of their ideas, thoughts, and worries on paper first thing in the morning. Set aside time to fill three pages with writing about whatever comes to mind as soon as you wake up. You might be surprised at what you write before you’re conscious enough to overthink it. 
  5. Ask for another perspective. Different brains work in different ways. Sometimes it helps to talk out your ideas with someone whose mind is very different than yours. Hearing their ideas can encourage your mind to open in new ways. 
  6. Imitate someone you admire. Is there someone in your life that you look up to? It can be a celebrity, a coworker, a family member, or anyone you see as competent and capable. How would they approach this problem? When thinking about stimulating creativity, putting yourself in someone else’s shoes can encourage you to think outside the box. 
  7. Go easy on yourself. No one is creative all the time, and it’s not something that can be quickly forced. Instead, if you practice your favorite ways to stimulate creativity, they will naturally come to you over time. 

Developing creativity is an essential part of becoming a more innovative leader. Fortunately, you can learn through a little strategic brainstorming. Fill out my contact form to schedule a complimentary video coaching session, and we can talk about how to increase creativity in your work. 

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