Keep Your Sales Pipeline Full with Daily Sales Activities

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Many business owners are plagued by a feast-or-famine sales cycle, but what if there’s another way? Keeping your sales pipeline full is the key to sustainable, long-term profit and growth.

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How Do You Maintain Your Sales Pipeline?

The secret to a healthy sales pipeline is taking small daily actions to ensure a regular flow of leads and prospects. Here are some critical daily sales activities to make time for.

  • Make phone calls. Texts and emails can’t replicate the personal connection you can achieve with a phone call. Talk to your clients and people in your network to maintain relationships.
  • Contact former clients. Are there customers who haven’t purchased in a while? Email them a coupon code to entice them back.
  • Ask for referrals. If you have close business connections, ask them to put a good word in for you with their contacts. Be sure you’re willing to do the same for them.
  • Organize your leads. Implement and maintain a CRM system so you can easily see all your prospects, current clients, and former customers in one place. Checking this should be one of your daily sales activities.
  • Develop and send out a regular email newsletter. In addition, you should be keeping your mailing list posted about new products, services, or sales you’re offering.
  • Talk with your mentors. A third party can help you break through barriers and develop new sales techniques. Talking things through with a business coach can help if you don’t have a mentor.
  • Evaluate your KPIs. See what can be improved.
  • Reach out to old contacts. Networking can help your pipeline when you least expect it. Dedicate a few minutes daily to maintaining your business connections and reconnecting with those you may have lost contact with over time.
  • Write a blog. Blog posts are a great way to position yourself as an industry leader and offer great free content to your customers.
  • Maintain a social media presence. Being active on social media platforms can help you connect with new clients and network with other industry leaders. It’s a good idea to post regularly and interact with your followers to show that you’re keeping up with the times.
  • Seek out podcast opportunities. Being interviewed on a podcast or contributing to an episode is a great way to get your name in front of a new audience.
  • Maintain your website. Your website is often a potential customer’s first impression of your business. So, each day, you can focus on adding new content, checking for errors, and ensuring all information is current.

Although you don’t have to do all these things every single day, the important thing is to make sure that you take at least some of these steps each day to maintain your pipeline. For best results, I recommend developing a calendar of recurring tasks to schedule these daily sales activities.

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