John Maxwell’s Leadership Law #20: The Law of Explosive Growth

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Leadership expert John Maxwell begins his chapter of the Law of Explosive Growth with the following words: “To add growth, lead followers—to multiply, lead the leaders.”Law of Explosive Growth

Leaders are impatient because they are eager to achieve their vision. However, others in the organization aren’t always on the same page. So how do we close the gap between where we want our team to be and where they are?

The answer lies in the Law of Explosive Growth. Maxwell writes these three critical stages of your leadership journey: If you develop yourself, you can experience personal success. If you grow a team, your organization can experience growth. And if you develop leaders, your organization can achieve explosive growth.

Breaking Down the Law of Explosive Growth

Becoming a great leader is about more than attracting followers. It would be best if you also spent time developing leaders and encouraging vital employees in your company to grow.

In his chapter on the Law of Explosive Growth, John Maxwell writes, “Good leaders lead for the sake of their followers and for what they can leave behind after their time of leadership is completed.” So while it’s nice to feel personally needed as a leader, you’re limiting your company’s potential unless you aim to train other leaders.

Your company will fall apart if you’re the only engine powering your business. How can regional branches thrive without you if you’ve built a company that needs your presence to survive? And more importantly, what happens when you retire? If you spend time developing other influential leaders to carry the weight, your company will have longevity.

How to Use the Law of Explosive Growth

Maxwell writes that it’s the weakest members of the organization that require the most time and attention. So if you focus on that bottom 20%, you’ll spend 80% of your time trying to help them. However, if you use that time to develop your top 20% of employees instead, their leadership can help carry the weaker employees so that everyone improves overall.

Think about the three stages of the leadership process: personal development, team development, and leader development. Which step of the process are you currently in? Focus on your goal and use that to motivate you as you blast through stages one and two and arrive at step three.

Next, think about what you’re currently doing to discover potential leaders. This could require overhauling your hiring process to attract the right people. For example, seek out leaders at conventions or networking events and make connections. You can also hire a skilled recruiter to find people with the leadership qualities you seek.

Finally, you want to retain the leaders you do hire. Focus on becoming the leader that other leaders respect and want to follow. Give your leaders the freedom and resources to succeed and create an environment encouraging innovation. Encourage risk, as that’s the only way your organization will grow, and generously reward success when you see it.

The Law of Explosive Growth is all about your leadership style. So please fill out my contact form, and let’s meet on a video call to develop your leadership skills.

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