Inbound Lead Generation: 7 Proven Tips

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The world of sales and marketing has changed dramatically in the past 10 years.  The advent of inbound lead generation has proven to be a critical component of a robust sales and marketing plan for businesses.  Outbound sales teams and processes will always be important in acquiring prospects and closing sales.  However, integrating inbound lead generation is now an equal partner in the sales mix, and in many cases, it is the most effective marketing tool we have.A graphic showing a strong magnet attracting humans. This depicts the power of inbound lead generation

Early on, one of my most successful coaching clients embraced incorporating inbound marketing. They created a powerful lead machine that generates significant interest from their prospects and produces astounding results.   Here are 7 insightful inbound lead generation tips

1. Partner closely with your Sales or Business Development team

No one knows the prospective customer’s target audience, characteristics, and personas better than the sales team. They are out there fielding calls, answering questions, negotiating with prospects. Please have a few conversations with the sales department to understand the prospects’ pain points and their main challenges. You will find great material for content. Write blogs, produce infographics, and customize email campaigns to address and educate the audience. Not only are you staying current and addressing real-time concerns, but you are positioning yourself as a thought leader and encouraging leads to stay close to you so they can turn to you the next time they have an issue or concern. The lead may still need to be able to convert into a customer, but the more you educate them and help them along the buyer’s journey, the more chances you will be first on the list to call when they are ready.

2. Carefully identify your buyer personas and develop solutions for them

What is the demographic of your audience(s)? What are their concerns and the current problem that they are seeking a solution? How can your organization stand out from the competition to be the one the prospect selects to address their needs? Carving out and specifying the buyer’s challenges and identifying what’s unique about your company that positions you as the right solution will help you craft your message and determine how you will reach your audience. For example, your message, marketing strategy, and delivery channel will vastly differ when targeting a 30-year-old single male vs. a 70-year-old female with three grandchildren.

3. Courageously go outside of the norm

How can you stand out if all your competitors write about the same topic, share the same news, and use the exact keywords? The internet is buzzing with noise, and your company’s viability lies in standing out in an informative, educational, and engaging way. Feel free to step outside of the norm and be incredibly creative. Use funny memes and quirky and thought-provoking titles, and offer a unique take on popular topics in your industry. If you were looking for a Project Management Solutions company, which blog would you click on first to read: “Project Management Essentials, What You Need to Know” or “The World’s Ending in 48 Hours! Where’s our Project Manager?”

4. Aggressively learn and be adaptable

SEO and inbound lead generation methodologies are a dynamic art. There are all sorts of theories, strategies, and best practices that do and continually change. Although it may sometimes be hard to find the time, it’s crucial to carve out a certain amount of time every week to read articles and blogs and stay current on digital and inbound marketing trends. In addition to learning and staying abreast of what’s relevant in the field, you need to be adaptable and willing to change how you work or what you’re designing. The customers and prospects are driving the inbound sales train, and you would need to keep an ear close to the track to keep on top of trends resonating and modify your campaign accordingly.

5. Be patient

Inbound lead generation is a marathon, not a sprint. Organic traction, reach, and results take time and diligent effort. Day by day, brick by brick, a digital marketer must lay the foundation for a successful campaign. No matter how busy the day or week gets, produce inbound sales content. If you don’t have time to write a blog for one week, find a relevant news article and share it with your following, or refine a previous piece and recirculate. Keep touching your circle and produce factual and compelling content that will engage the user and entice them to share it with their network. Although results might take time, consistent effort and quality content will result in more website hits, blog subscriptions, and form submissions, manifesting in qualified inbound leads and customers.

6. Test, test, and then test again

Play with Call-to-Action buttons, colors, landing page designs, form fields, and the tone of voice in content and topics. Throw a large net, monitor metrics such as impressions, clicks, conversions, etc., and dial it in. You might be surprised that individual lead generation campaigns you thought would be a smashing success had tepid results and others that you threw together in a hasty effort are resulting in off-the-chart readings. It’s a matter of trying new things, seeing what works, and building off that.

7. Surround yourself with A-Players

It’s cliche, but you’re only as strong as your weakest link. Whether you are a one-person marketing machine that hires freelancers or lucky enough to have a robust in-house marketing team, you must ensure that everyone involved in your inbound lead-generation marketing efforts is a key player. Quality, efficiency, and creativity are vital components of a successful inbound sales campaign and can mean the difference between getting the phone to ring off the hook or hearing crickets. When hiring freelancers or building out your team, don’t rush. Ensure you get a good vibe from them, your motivation and visions align, and everyone produces quality work. Test writers and graphic designers and surround yourself with 2-3 “rock stars” who can push out inbound sales content with minimal editing. Streamlining the process will keep you ahead of the curve instead of being bogged down by playing with fonts, colors, or tone of written content you are less than happy with.

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