I Am So Stressed….I Can’t Do Any More

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At least once a day, I hear this emotional comment, in many variations, from business owners and executives.  So, is the entire business community over-worked, and anxiety ridden?  What is causing all of this passion and what the heck can we do to liberate these talented leaders from all of this frustration?

I have found a solution and I have taught dozens of frustrated leaders how to get themselves focused and back in charge of their own destiny.  The secret is to learn a prioritization technique that really works.  It works so well that I use it myself and my personal productivity has greatly benefited.

First off, buy and read the book from Michael Linenberger called The One Minute To-Do List.

Michael teaches how to clearly define what you need to do and then categorizing your list into three lists.

  1. The longer term tasks go on a multi-page list he calls “Over the Horizon”.  These are the “to-achieve” items that are need to be done 10 days from now and beyond.  I update this list every Sunday afternoon for the upcoming week.
  2. The next list is called “Opportunity Now” and houses the tasks I need to do between tomorrow and 10 days from now.  You can have only 20 items on this list.  I also update this list every Sunday afternoon and review it at the end of every day.
  3. The final list is called “Critical Now”.  This list should be the 5 tasks that you have to do today before you go home.  I rewrite this list at the end of each day for the upcoming day.  Most of the items come from the “Opportunity Now” list.  I look at this list every hour when I am in the office or multiple times during the day if I am with clients.

Sounds simple enough and it really is.  So if you want to regain control of your time, be more productive, and energize your outlook, read this book and follow his suggestions.

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