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Productivity is the holy grail for all leaders. The quest for productivity for entrepreneurs is never-ending. We are all looking for the next great tip or idea. However, sometimes all it takes is a new approach to revolutionize your workday. 

Author Daniel Pink introduces one such approach in his book When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing. He asserts that productivity for entrepreneurs isn’t a matter of willpower as much as it is a matter of timing your tasks correctly. If you can uncover the hidden patterns in your day, you can use them to your advantage to maximize your to-do list. 

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When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing by Daniel Pink

In When by Daniel Pink, the author lays out various research and data regarding proper timing. His studies look at unconventional sources, such as students taking exams, to conclude how we operate as a society. It’s a fascinating glimpse at natural patterns in the brain and our potential if we manage to harness them. 

He discusses everything from the best time to quit your job to when you should get married, but his ideas apply to the workplace, too. In that research, there are quite a few takeaways about how we can use optimal timing to our advantage to increase productivity for entrepreneurs.

Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs

Pink has found that, almost overwhelmingly, people are more productive in the morning. In addition, his research shows that most people tend to move through three phases throughout the day: a peak, a trough, and a recovery. Because of this, it’s better to tackle your highest-priority items early in the day when your productivity is at its peak rather than waiting for the trough to hit. 

The trajectory corresponds to mood changes as the day wears on. Pink suggests that we’re better at tackling analytical work in the morning when our mood is at its highest. When our mood takes a dip during the trough, we are better suited for administrative tasks that don’t require as much brainpower or critical thinking. 

Finally, we’re ready to handle more creative tasks when our mood picks up again during the recovery period, and we’ve got the analytical and administrative work under our belts. This explains 
why we are more creative at night. This is why night is often the best time to write. The real key to productivity for entrepreneurs is following this natural flow daily.  

Of course, night owls will experience a slightly different trajectory and should adjust accordingly, but most people can hack their productivity by structuring them around these three phases. 

Track your energy and productivity levels daily, tracking them for a week. Then, divide your to-do list depending on your body’s natural rhythm. You might be surprised at what you can do when the timing is right. 

Productivity for entrepreneurs is a skill that must be nurtured over time. A business coach can help. Sign up for a complimentary coaching call with me to discuss improving personal productivity with a few new productivity tips.

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