How Coachable Are You?

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How coachable are you? Have you ever wondered? It does not just know whether you’d benefit from hiring a business coach. Instead, coachability comes down to having the flexibility to grow and the humility to be taught, whether that’s through an online course or a one-on-one mentorship program.

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Being coachable isn’t a leadership skill often discussed, but it’s crucial if you want to become the best possible version of yourself. Here’s what you need to know.

How Coachable Are You?

What does it mean to be coachable? I’ve used this “How Coachable are You?statement list to help my clients determine whether they’re ready and willing to change.

Not everyone is coachable. Some people think they desire to learn but are stuck in their ways. Some people don’t want to make time for the inner work that needs to be done. Some people don’t care enough to be disciplined about improving themselves. These people don’t tend to be outstanding business leaders, at least not for long.

So, how coachable are you? Do you have potential? These questions can help you find out.

  1. Are you reliable? Coaching requires regular appointments and homework to be done on your own time. Can you commit to meeting deadlines and showing up when you say you will?
  2. Can you make the time? People often feel too busy for additional learning, but there’s never a perfect season when your schedule will magically clear up. It would help if you made the time, no matter how many other things you have going on.
  3. Do you see a need for change? You won’t benefit much from coaching if things are going perfectly well for you right now. Without an incentive to improve, you’ll likely stay the same.
  4. Can you live outside your comfort zone? Your coach will ask you to try new things that are uncomfortable for you. You must listen and try new ideas even if you don’t think they’ll work.
  5. Are you honest with yourself and others? To grow and change, you must be honest about what’s working and not working in your program and admit it to your coach.)
  6. Can you make the investment? Coaching isn’t free, but you should see the work as an investment in your future. You’re not ready for coaching if you live in the short term.

Suppose you can answer  “yes” to most of the questions above;  Congratulation! You’re coachable.

Don’t worry; if not, you’re not a lost cause. Coachability you’re achieved through time, introspection, and changing circumstances. Continue to be honest with yourself about your discipline and potential blind spots, then revisit this quiz in a few months. You might be surprised to see how things have changed.

How coachable are you? Are you ready to find out? I’m here to help. Click on my get started form for a complimentary session to work on your personal and professional growth with an experienced business coach.

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