Hiring Best Practices in a Competitive Job Market

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Welcome to the new normal.

If you’re a hiring manager, business owner, or other company executive responsible for recruiting talent, you’ve likely noticed that the job market today is different from what it was 8 or 10 years ago.

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It wasn’t so long ago that prospective applicants were clambering and fighting for the best jobs. Now, however, the tables have turned, and it’s a highly competitive job market. But thanks to a healthier and scarce job market, you’ve got to work harder to entice and hire stellar employees.

While some hiring best practices, like traditional job descriptions and posting practices, should be abandoned, others should not.

Here are 3 hiring best practices you should be using to land the best workers for your business.

1. Work faster.

We’ve already established that you’re not the only one looking for great candidates. This means that to hire the people you want the most, you can’t afford to let your hiring process become long and drawn out.

Look at your list of candidates and choose the best 5-10 that you’d like to interview. It’s okay if there are fewer; that will make this part easier! Start scheduling interviews ASAP and, ideally, complete them within a week.

You may have some other essential steps in your hiring best practices process, but do your best to avoid making your candidates wait more than two weeks between the application cutoff date and telling them if they’ve been hired.

2. Think outside the box.

Much of the competitive job market today comprises young people – millennials and Gen X, to be exact. Don’t let any negative connotations about this word go to your head! While it’s not the rule for everyone, many millennials are innovative, passionate, and dedicated.

You’d be silly not to consider recruiting millennials for specific openings at your company. While they’re not well suited for every position, especially those requiring years of experience, they fit nicely into several jobs.

If you’re catering to millennials, be honest and transparent. Be willing to be flexible like you’ve never been before. And be ready to be challenged. These workers often bring fresh perspectives and have creative ideas that can help propel your company forward. Lead them honestly, and they will pull out all the stops for you.

3. Recruit differently.

It’s smart to use all your resources to post an open position at your company. It’s even smarter to talk to the people around you about it.

Ask your customers for recommendations of candidates who may be a good fit for your company. Talk to your neighbors. Talk to the people you interact with on any given day.

Sometimes, the best people for the job are right under our noses, and we don’t realize it. When you’re shopping or out to dinner, look for an employee who offers great customer service. Would they fit in at your company? Would you be offering them a better opportunity?

Leave no stone unturned when searching for great candidates. Depending on the requirements for the job you’re attempting to fill, you might find the perfect fit in a place you never expected.

Hiring in a competitive job market doesn’t have to be difficult. If you make a few changes to your process and work hard to cater to the candidates you’re hoping to attract, you’ll fill your open positions in no time.

Your business won’t prosper without quality team members. When it is time to energize your recruiting, I offer a complimentary coaching call to help you develop a plan.

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