Executive Business Coaching: My Definition

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There is confusion about what is executive business coaching, so here is how I view it.

I believe that executive business coaching is a customized experiential development process that builds capability to achieve short and long term goals. Coaching is conducted through one-on-one or group interactions. It is driven by data gathered with respect and trust, often from multiple sources within and outside the organization. The coach and executive work together to achieve maximum personal and organizational impact and improved performance.

An executive business coach provides advice for you and your company. I provide objective observation and reflection of your situation, so you can more clearly see your options and strategies going forward. An executive business coach is a passionate and positive person who is concerned with your dreams and your nightmares.

An effective approach utilizes proven methods combined with an individually designed program to ensure you and the the organization achieve the strategic outcomes you had in mind that are critical to your performance needs.

“Today, having an Executive Business Coach means you are a valuable member of your company, and identified future leader, and definitely the executive of tomorrow.”

Only four areas of business results really count: money, time, quality, and quantity.

These results are driven by operational execution, leadership effectiveness, and team interaction. Executive business coaching programs keeps one eye on these deliverables and one eye on your and your key player’s management behaviors and performance improvements. Giving your the objectivity of an exceptional premier sideline sports coach.

To truly advance your career or transform performance, exceptional coaching equips you and your organization to permanently move into that space of higher performance. Coaching teaches you to make better decisions and to drive the overall direction of your career and the crucial results of your company.

Executive business coaching is a facilitative and development focused experience. As an executive business coach I am highly skilled technically and a respected industry expert. I aim to stretch your strategic and tactical problem solving, and your ways of thinking, and management and leadership behaviors. I help you focus on enhancing habits that will ensure your high-level performance continues after coaching ends.

Finally, you will gain new insight into leveraging your own strengths and the strengths of your team to achieve better results on a more consistent basis.

The workplace often provides us with great stress and performance fears perfect for executive business coaching; however, there are also some issues best dealt with by counselors or therapists.

If you are interested in learning more about an executive business coaching program, I highly encourage you to check out my website at www.daveschoenbeck/services.com.

I look forward to hearing from you, and helping you.

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