Certified Tips for Creating a Marketing Plan for a Small Business

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If you want to grow your business, you need a marketing strategy. To do it right, you have to start with an outline. A marketing plan outline is a way to get your marketing goals on paper. The marketing plan is a foundational document that helps illuminate new opportunities in your business model by giving you a roadmap to follow as you pursue your business goals.

A sculptor with a chisel and hammer creates an etching in the wood just as you would craft a marketing plan.

Building a Marketing Plan for Your Business

An excellent marketing plan will help you know your target audience, understand what makes your product or service stand out, and determine the best ways to promote your products and services across multiple channels to reach your ideal customer. 

I have studied many influencers and marketing experts as a professional business coach. Over the last 15 years, I have honed and reshaped their ideas to make them understandable and implementable for business owners. My proprietary 21-step marketing plan outline and system are available for download here. There’s no cost—the marketing plan outline is my gift to you.

Once you follow all of the steps in my process, you’ll create a comprehensive, multi-page draft of your marketing plan. Distilling it to a slimmer, focused outline is more challenging. It’s essential to consult a professional, such as a business coach, to help you sift through your ideas and find the real gems.  

I can make this easy for you. I offer a complimentary coaching call for all potential clients interested in writing a marketing plan for their business. There are no strings attached—fill out my contact form, and we can talk about what you have so far. 

When creating a marketing plan for your business using my 21-step outline, there are some essential tips to remember. 

  • First, write more than you want to. Please note all you can, then put the plan aside for a day and repeat the process. Write even when you feel like you’ve run out of ideas. Jot down anything and everything that comes to mind, no matter how unpolished or seemingly irrelevant. 
  • Second, focus only on the persona of your highest-value prospect when creating your plan. Don’t allow yourself to address multiple prospects at the same time. The most important topics are your target, their fears and frustrations, and your unique selling proposition. 
  • Finally, the goal is to have you do a brain dump of your ideas without editing. Do not try to police your stream of consciousness at the beginning of the process. Fight the urge to be a perfectionist. Polishing the gems can come later.

While I stand by my 21 steps, this outline is just the beginning of your marketing plan. The real magic happens when it all comes together during revisions and putting your ideas to work.

Creating a marketing plan for your business is not always straightforward. It helps to have a business coach to guide you as you go along. So please fill out my contact form, and let’s work together to create a solid 
marketing action plan for your organization.

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