Business Owners: 4 Reasons to Write a Blog

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If you’re a business owner with a website, you want to consider taking your online presence to the next level by starting a blog. Effective blogging takes time, which is why many business owners shy away from it. However, the benefits of writing a blog far outweigh the cons of time expenditure.

reasons to write a blog

Business owners in every industry can benefit from writing a blog. Here are the most compelling 4 reasons to write a blog.

1. Blogging builds authority.

Blogging about your industry establishes you as a thought leader. It gives you a way to demonstrate your knowledge and to talk about your personal experience. This builds a rapport between you and your readers and makes them more inclined to purchase your goods or services, especially if your competitors aren’t blogging or their blogs aren’t up to par.

A blog is a great place to answer any questions your ideal audience would have and to tell them why you’re the one that can fix their problems. You can show you understand your clients and their needs better than your competitors do. Establishing yourself as an expert in your field is one of the best reasons to write a blog (even if you might not always feel like an expert.)

2. Blogs provide free value to your audience.

Your blog posts provide value in the form of information to your audience. While someone might not buy your product or service from looking at your website alone, they can get a feel for what you have to offer by reading through your blog. This gets them excited to make the purchase and helps you narrow down your clients to people who are on board with your message.

3. Your blogs help you stand out from the crowd.

It can be tough to stand out in a crowded marketplace, but blogging offers you an opportunity to demonstrate your personality and show what makes you and your business different from the rest. Blogging also establishes a relationship between you and a potential client: you’re no longer a faceless business, but a person with a name and a unique message.

By showing the personal side of your business, you increase your likeability—in this day and age, consumers are looking to connect with people, not brands. A blog is a seamless way to be both at the same time, and this is one of the most invaluable reasons to write a blog.

4. Blogging is a helpful marketing tool.

Writing a blog helps you nail down your message and gives you a plethora of marketing opportunities. You can include a call-to-action at the bottom of each post to encourage conversions, and by advertising your blog or having other bloggers link back to you, you can reach a wider audience than the one you had before.

Not to mention one of the most convenient reasons to write a blog: it’s a great stash of content that you can recycle later, for example, if you decide to write a book. You could even mine past blog posts to turn into a free eBook, a video lecture, or infographics in order to get the most out of your hard work. Write it once, use it forever!


I am a true believer in the power of content creation and blogging. If you’re looking for more reasons to author a blog, please fill out my contact form and I will convince you to start your blogging journey.


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