5 Myths About Online Executive Coaching

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As the world becomes more interconnected, it’s no surprise that more people are opting for online executive coaching as a meaningful and efficient way to improve their businesses. However, after years of coaching and observing business owners, I’ve realized there are several misconceptions concerning online coaching.

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Check out these 5 myths about online executive coaching and how we can debunk them.

Myth #1: Online executive coaching is not as effective as in-person coaching.
These days, more executive coaching is done via telephone than in person in the US. I find that digital video meetings are much more effective than the traditional conference call meeting.

Likewise, my clients that have experienced both in-person and video coaching have told me that online executive coaching feels very similar and is equally effective.

Myth #2: Online executive coaching is not as personal as in-person coaching.
The high-quality video services available today make online coaching experiences seem almost the same as being there in-person. Since most people are visual learners, face-to-face digital meetings are highly personal and can be even more interactive. You have the time to think, to freely express your thoughts and ideas, and to participate in a discussion.

Myth #3: The coach cannot see what is really going on in my business through online executive coaching.
Executive coaching done right should involve two-way communication with mutual trust and respect. Your coach will rely on you to describe to them what is happening in your business each week.

My experience has shown that this takes about 10 minutes each week for me to get caught up. I am highly trained in asking appropriate questions that will help me learn what I need to know.

Myth #4: It’s not easy to share documents during an online executive coaching session.
The truth is that it’s very easy to share documents or share screens in real time using online video services. Exchanging information in today’s innovative world is fast and effective. If you plan to look at and discuss a large document, simply email it before or during the coaching session.

I use a free online planning tool called Trello to house your plans, goals, and weekly tasks. As soon as one of us makes a change in the software, an immediate email notification is sent to both of us.

Myth # 5: Online executive coaching is not as convenient as in-person coaching.
Online executive coaching not only saves travel time for both you and your coach, but it is also highly productive as you can avoid the drawbacks of traditional, inefficient meetings or conference calls.

Weekly online executive coaching sessions are scheduled months in advance for the same day and time on your calendar so you are well-prepared for each upcoming session. On the other hand, our video meetings can often be rescheduled if there is a compelling reason.

Online coaching continues to grow globally and has demonstrated its effectiveness time and time again. Once you start taking advantage of an online executive coaching program, you will realize the truth behind various myths that you’ve heard or perceived.

I hope you’ve found this post helpful. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can drive your business forward, check out my free eBook, 10 Critical Responsibilities of a Business Owner.

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