8 Traits of Successful Leaders

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Are successful leaders born or made? It’s hard to say.8 Traits of Successful Leaders

Being a successful leader takes grit. Determination. And a whole lot of other important stuff.

Do you have what it takes to be a powerful leader? Here are my thoughts about the traits of successful leaders:

Successful leaders are passionate and have a great attitude.

They believe in their mission and encourage others to line up behind them. They lead by example and their excitement rubs off on those around them.

No matter the situation or circumstances, true leaders stay positive and their attitude never varies in public. Ever.

Successful leaders show purpose and demonstrate urgency. 

Strong leaders have understandable plans and map out how to reach the end goal. Their plans are actionable today – not tomorrow; not next week.

Successful leaders are creative and intellectually curious.

With a strong leader at the helm, people feel like they are plowing new fields. Great leaders understand the best people on their team are the ones that challenge them the most and make them think.

Successful leaders are loyal. 

True leaders protect their people and always extend the benefit of the doubt. If they sense a change in the loyalty of their team, however, they’re not afraid to make changes and find new talent.

Successful leaders are courageous.

If it’s important, they have the strength to fight through rejection, objections, noise, and BS. Great leaders stop at nothing until they’ve been heard.

Successful leaders are tactful.

Thinking before we speak is a learned art form and great leaders know this all too well. They understand that if they practice using tact, they’re more likely to be respected.

Successful leaders have great style.

It’s not about what they wear, but who they are and how they act when “stuff hits the fan.” Exemplary leaders remember that others are watching and always aim to stay modest.

Successful leaders are honest, risk-tolerant, and willing to make mistakes.

Aggressive, strong leaders often fall in the mud. Just read about Abe Lincoln, Winston Churchill, and many others! The difference in these men and the leaders who have followed them is that they know mud washes off.

Great leaders aren’t afraid to admit they made a mistake or if they read the facts incorrectly. Mistakes are a full-contact sport. Instead of beating themselves up or losing hope, strong leaders dust off their jeans and re-engage.

Being a successful leader takes a lot of gumption, passion, and strength. It’s not for the faint of heart or those unwilling to get their hands dirty. Success is full of failure and re-tries and learning; it’s not a simple process and takes a lifetime to work toward.

Whether you’re a business owner, a CEO of a multi-million dollar company, or simply an employee, successful leaders come in all shapes and sizes. You’ve got it in you to be a great leader. All you have to do is decide to put your best foot forward, remain modest, and earn the trust of those around you.

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