What Would Albert Einstein Do?

By July 27, 2014 September 20th, 2023 Tips to Improve Performance

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I have seen many entrepreneurs struggle in making the “right” decision when they toggle back and forth with the pros and cons off an important choice. I too have shared in that feeling of being really stuck. The tendency of most of us is too add more details, seek more facts, and deliberate for a longer time period. The analysis-paralysis takes over and the decision is deferred once again. Not exactly an ideal result.

Everybody has heard the term “keep it simple”, but there is some science behind it. Their is a principle from the 14th century that is called the Occam’s Razor. It is a complex theory but the quick version attributed to Albert Einstein is….”everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” Another version is “If you have two equally likely solutions to a problem, choose the simplest.”

I am not recommending that you cut short the decision-making process. Quality outcomes only happen when you consider important facts, but when you are wavering between alternatives, look for simplicity in concept and execution.  Especially the execution.  So many spectacular plans are stillborn because they are too hard to implement and manage.  Always look for the simplest alternative and one that you can ensure will get executed.

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