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“In chess, the match is usually decided because of one bad move.  A move that once made, sets the game on an almost certain path.  And in chess, as in life, a move like that could never be taken back.  So the moral of the story, is to think long and hard before deciding something difficult.  Look at it from every angle.  See what you see and then ask yourself if there’s something you can’t see.”

Executives are trained, encouraged, rewarded and revered for their fearless courage, fast reaction times, and instinctive decision-making.  The pressure is enormous, especially around a crowded meeting room table, to quickly make commitments and decisions.  Yet, during those most stressful and emotional times, the very best corporate gun-slingers know that it is wise to be very deliberate.

Take a break before deciding.

Talk it out with your staff or peers.

Get an objective outside opinion (perhaps  your Coach) before your commitment.

I did use the word “deliberate” in the last paragraph.  I didn’t say avoid, defer, or delay.  I advised you to go slow, think it out, and then react.  You will be respected for your patience, wisdom, and experience if you give yourself time to think it through rather than getting caught up in the energy of the moment.

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