Retail Site Selection Scoring Worksheet

Comprehensive, proprietary scoring for your potential retail location.

Choosing the perfect retail location can be a stressful process, but have no fear, Coach Dave is here! Rely on over 30 years of experience to make the best decision for your business.

Choosing an excellent physical location for your retail business is crucial to its success. Allow Coach Dave to help you in that process by completing a comprehensive assessment of the potential location for your retail business.

Download Coach Dave’s proprietary Retail Site Selection Scoring Worksheet.

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Coach Dave’s Success Stories

Coach Dave has been an invaluable resource to us during a critical period of growth. From hiring to business development to cash flow …Dave has used his knowledge, experience and network to make sure we have a solid foundation as we grow. He listens carefully to our goals and challenges – and has worked with me to establish a plan to achieve those goals. Our transformation over the past year has been very exciting (and fun) …. and I’m looking forward to what the next 12-months will bring!

I highly recommend Coach Dave to anyone looking to take their business to the next level!

Dave Lustberg, LLA, PPPrincipal at Aterial, LLC

Dave was one of the first retail executives to understand the value of developing an integrated customer experience model. While at Babies “R” Us Coach Dave’s career guidance introduced me to the idea of thinking like the customer and challenged me to think creatively and understand the cumulative impact of the multiple touchpoints over the course of our customer’s interaction before, during and after visiting our retail environments.

Because of his vision, expertise and guidance, I can say that I am better at designing optimal retail experiences that meet the expectations of customer groups while achieving a competitive advantage and supporting desired corporate brand objectives.
What you get with Dave is something that you just don’t find everywhere else: A genuine leader who wants you to be your personal best-no matter what you aspire to do.

J Heath OlguinDirector of Brand Presentation & Customer Experience at The Vitamin Shoppe