Why do I Make Bad Decisions When the Pressure is on?

Why do I Make Bad Decisions When the Pressure is on?

Today during an intense coaching session with a very successful and talented executive, I heard a story that I have heard so many times before……

”Our business has tripled in the last few years and the people that we had when we started just aren’t able talented enough to take us to the next level.”

I hear this sad story all of the time, and frankly I am ashamed to say that I am guilty of making some of these mistakes too.  I propose that our situation is a combination of a bunch of missed opportunities:

  • Our judgment was clouded by loyalty & personal feelings and not future potential
  • We didn’t pull-the-trigger on below average performers or limited potential folks
  • We didn’t force rank our people and upgrade the bottom 25%
  • We ignored the need to develop a back-up, or bench, for each position
  • We were too quick to do a fast “battle-field” promotion and we didn’t promote the best long-term player
  • We allowed budget cost cutting to LIFO out our next generation
  • We skipped doing performance evaluations.  There were other priorities.
  • We didn’t seek out game-changers in our industry because we are always cutting positions
  • We took the easy way out and didn’t honestly tell some of our teammates that they weren’t cutting it

So let’s stop the madness and recommit to being courageous about developing the next generation of leaders in our businesses.  Let’s learn from our mistakes.  Your shareholders are counting on you to be the champion for talent.  Let’s make a difference tomorrow!

Dave Schoenbeck

Dave Schoenbeck

Dave Schoenbeck is a professional business and executive coach who translates complex business methods, processes, and strategies into actionable plans to dramatically improve financial results.
Dave Schoenbeck

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