That Face in the Mirror Scares Me

By August 13, 2013 January 25th, 2017 Self Management Tips

My Grandfather was a hard working employee of the great city of Chicago.  He was a first generation boot-strap German-American.  He fixed the mechanical inner-workings of the city owned buildings with great passion and pride.  He was not well educated but I clearly remember some advice of his, and I have passed on to many leaders over the years.

He told me a parable that he learned as a boy.  I don’t remember all of the details of this long and involved story but I remember the moral of the story clearly.  It went like this……

The fault that you see in others, is probably your own.

Ouch that hurts.  You mean that I act like that obnoxious, self-serving EVP of Marketing?  It may be true.  Does it make sense to that you are unconsciously sensitive to your own faults?  Could it be that you over-react to his personal behavior because you it really bothers you when you do it? Do you find yourself reacting immediately to his actions or tone without allowing time to process the message?

I think Gramps was on to something.  It should give you pause, as it has for me, over the years.  The lesson to this grasshopper has been……..

Listen to the message carefully and don’t react to the person’s behaviors.

Dave Schoenbeck
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